Monday, May 28, 2012

1P dialogue Refining (class04 week09)

hey there,

its splining pass... the maddness continues... now i think its more confusing then before... the ban on vimeo (among other things) is so badly implemented... some people have access to vimeo and some dont... wow what a mess... for for time being i am gonna continue posting both vimeo and dropbox links (this is me silently protesting againts the ban on vimeo by still uploading my work in it :P )

well thats it for now...


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

1P dialogue Blocking + (class 4 week 8)

hey there,

sorry for the delay in the posting... (this time i choose not to use the the internet magic to turn back in time to make the post on sunday...) its delayed cause our DEAR government decided vimeo n daily motion is bad... and should not be used by indians... so I had to find a way around it...
the quikest way was to use the google dns instead of the default ISP one... that helped me out a bit (i.e i can now access my own vimeo sites but i still cant see embedded videos...
as a silent protest I will continue posting my videos up in vimeo... and for all my indian friends who cant watch it i will be uploading a dropbox video too... (which i hope to remove as soon as our govt comes to senses)

and the drop box

well thats its for now and im really sorry for all those who see 2 videos the videos are the same but unfortunatly since vimeo isnt accessable in india i included a dropbox too...


Monday, May 14, 2012

1P dialogue blocking (class 04 Week 07)

hey there,

here is my blocking pass of my dialogue...


Monday, May 7, 2012

1Person Dialogue and Pantomime revision (class 04 week 06)

hey there,

wow week 6 already... time sure flies... i think next week would be officially 1 year since i applied for AM... sooo much has changed for me in the past year... hope the changes are for the good :) (in dark mistic voice "the future is dark and uncertain for u ved" says a voice from within... )

ok maybe im going off topic... so lets get back on topic...
its Dialogue time :P that mean its time for some video reference... alot of crazy things i did in my video reference... i think some day (at end of the AM i might compile a bloopers video... but right now i dont have the guts :P )

here is my Assignment submission

option 01

option 02

option 03

the planning is bare and slighly sketchy cause of the lack of space :) will be adding more planning at end of the week :)

and here is my video refrence

well i finally got my hands on bishop 2.0 had fun with modifying it... will have a character sheet up by end of next week for sure :P

well thats it for now


edit: woooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 100th post YAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!