Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Day after Christmas

Hey there,

Well busy beaver (thats me before u ask yourself who that is) has been pretty busy! What with modeling and all. Well at last i got the hang of unwrapping (barely). And the work towards final project is on FULL strength! One bad news is my partner has to go back to his country as his visa expires and cant be renewed (hurray Indian politics) so our already diminished time limit has been cut again! Well those are the breaks.

Ok ok! Just couple of months left before i get into specialization which will obviously be animation. Looking forward to it. Well the char is also pretty much modeled, and we are crawling slowly towards finish!

Thats it for now!


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

something to share about

hey there,

Well theres a good blog called animation monster ( which is usually about animation and its relevant stuff. The admin of the blog are seniors in my institute.
Thats beside the point, today Kasana (the admin) has posted a post which is a bit off animation but as a Indian it is a must to know what he says.

its a must see for any one who is an Indian,

Well apart from it. my classes are going on smooth, and just got into rigging part. (well something fun at last).
The modeling is almost done hopefully will get into unwrapping and texturing by end of next week.
will post the finished model as soon as its done,

final project at Last

Hey there,

Sorry didn't update for sometime, guess i was pretty busy (More likely lazy) nowadays. Well at last the race for finishing the final project is ON! Well we have got 5 weeks for finishing the project (modeling to rendering and everything in between). Here's a print screen of my ship.

Its in proxy stage which i hope to complete by end of today! Well story's pretty fixed. We are trying for a Yaman look hope we get it! Any way i have decided to keep the story secret till i release the final render! Till then only Images.

Ok! well just barely getting the hang of modeling. If someone ever says organic model in front of me I don't freak as much as i used to before (but freak out I still do).

Well thats it for now!


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

december is here

hey there,

Alright! Time to get serious... December's upon us and still the final project is stuck on concept stage. No time to create a storyboard. Well it is official my modeling skill sucks. I had to remodel the head of my model and still it looks like a road roller had just ran over its head.

Ok enough moaning and back to work. This week's mid sem. It denotes that i have finished half my semester. Well our prof's gonna expect us to start working on the final project from next week. Well the concepts good. And no i am still not got any concept sketches or storyboard worth posting (just a nice way to say i have done nothing yet).

Thats it for now. Nothing much to add.