Friday, August 29, 2008

Sports is FUN!!!!

hey there

Basket Ball.... Basket Ball... BASKETBALL!!! its... its... its...


well now that we are done with weight lift onwards to the Sports... after much deliberation... pondering... and thinking (oh yes i too can think sometime... I think)... rejecting one sport after another... all because of either i dont know the sport or it requires more den one person or some other reason... football and tennis is out cause i dont know how to play them... Table tennis has too restricted motion even though its my fav :(... no running... i thought of beach volleyball ... the thought of watching (CLOSELY) chicks in bikini was too much to pass on... BUT its difficult to show it in one CHAR... squash... cricket... etc all same reason... so its basketball...

started with blocking... here are the extreme poses...

the ending i plan to change... i have a concept in mind... will apply it if and only if sujit babu apporves it...
hope he says ok...

well thats it for now...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Animation Challange 12

hey there!!!

heres a playblast of a blocking stage for CG tantra's

well apart form this i have also more or less finished my weight lift (or abandoned it till further notice :D) as yesterday was my final submission!!!
it needs more breakdowns to the body, but!!! :( no time... will work on it whenever i get time!!!

well thats it for now

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Weighting lifting finishing ^_^

Hey there,

sorry been a while since i last posted!!! was busy as hell!

Atlast my animation is coming out! my creative juices (*sniker*) is FLOWING... had fun working on weight lift! and got some good comments form both Sujit Babu and Manu sir! its almost complete! just a few more corrections left! my first animation to actually neaar completion and which is pretty smooth (atleast in this sem!!!)
well here's a playblast

well now that this is almost over time to think of the next assignment :D SPORTS!!!

thinking of doing tennis! well thats actually wrong, i was thinking of doing vollyball, but somehow vollyball playing alone is not working!!!

oh and theres a nice competition in CGTantra which i am plannig to enter!!! lets see!!!

well thats it for now