Wednesday, November 25, 2009

eyes mouth and everything inbetween

hey there,

Yayy! after a week long theres still progress on my work... is coming quite nicely... was a bit stumped in the start of the lypsync (still am abit) so started with blocking out only the open close jaw...
hear's a PB of it

still have alot of work left... hope to finish by end of the month... den onwaaaaaard to creature animtion...

a short post but thats all deres to say...

oh I almost forgot... I got the works I did in internship... will be posting it up real soon...


Thursday, November 19, 2009

hey there,

Yesss two posts in the same week!!! YAY!!! well the work I last posted was a month old but. Boy am I happy to be back on track...

OK no more bullshit... I have AFTER a looooooooong time finished opening my dialogue file... The second character needs work but its too simple and will do it when my main char is done. Now onwards to the most important thing in animation EYES @.@ and eyebrows.

Well here's the PB of the dialogue.

I am still confused about the background... Pretty clear he's in a place he shouldnt be. So I was thinking of either armory of Army or some real posh restaurant... And he's waiting in the in the lobby... Will have to decide soon...

Oh and tomorrow I may be going to Ittina Studio to get my works. I maybe able to get the work I Did on the production rig. Thanks to Sujit sir (my mentor during internship) the dialogue turned out Beautiful. Learnt alot of stuff. Hey when you are in company of good people you tend to do good work (^_^)

If I am able to put that work in my demoreel it would be great... I am not very hopeful at the moment whether I'll be allowed to take out that work but I guess its worth a shot...

Anyyyway I stumbled across some stuff in spline doctor which I found really intresting
heres the Post:

Well thats it for now

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Out of depression (i hope)

hey there,

Been a while (2 months to be exact) since my last post... and to be frank I was sort of in a depression...

was loosing the inspiration to work... hope fully I've recovered back (HOPEFULLY) and resume working on full steam...

the talk with my friends did the trick...

enough moaning...

heres the detailed blocking of the dialogue I am working on. actually I've done more than this but its half done so wouldnt make sense posting half opened file...

its coming out as I expected it to hope fully it will get done fast cause I've a lot ideas in backlog which I want to finish fast...

detailing though tedious is worth it... thats what I am learning...

hope this time I'll be able to post the next post faster

that's it for now



oh and hurray on 50th post

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


hey there,
AFTER a looooooong thought process! lot of thinking was involved in there!!! (boy did it hurt my little head) it came to me!
My 11 second club idea SUCKS!!! BIG TIME!!! it is one cliche after another! I donno from where I heard this but I heard this form some one really important 'An idea which you consider the BEST in the world will probably be crappy in next couple of day' meaning if after a couple of days, u still think the idea is good is the good idea... I experienced it all through most of my takshaa days (never realised though)

Any way!!! I decided to finish my unfinished works!! i look into my files... and when the dust settled! i finished coughing with all the accumulated dirt!! In my WIP section of my Hard disk, I was shocked to find another 11 second club dialogue! when I opened the file I found the half blocked dialogue... took a while to remember what I planned to do! It all came back to me (with a bit new ideas also) so I decided to do that dialogue...

here's the Rough blocking of the dialogue!

will put up the finished blocking soon (hopefully within the end of this week)

well that's it for now


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

End of intership!!!

hey there!!!
Been a while hasn't it since the last post... It wasn't like I had nothing to post, it was just that I was too lazy to post.

Ittina animation studio was FUN!! and awsome learning experience. I was mentored by Sujit sir. then later by Philip. Man the people in the studio. Theju, Dhamu, Karan sir, Dinoop, what an atmosphere. What collection of TOYS! Table TENNIS table... Skateboard... I was having a BLAST!
but all good things have to come to an end. And so did my internship.
with the end of internship, ended my fun filled days.

ok enough sob story. That's not the reason I started this blog. this blog is an update on what I do... so its time for some update...

I am working on my demoreel again... planning to change the reel... gonna start on a 11 second dialogue and a hindi dialogue... gonna work on the gear change and the weight lift.... and also add a small animation at the end...

here is a Playblast of the starting piece... The Piece de resistance... (so i hope it will come out to be)

working on this and the dialogue... I am still stuck with the idea for the 11 second club dialogue... will put that up soon!

well thats it for now... there a lot more to say but gonna keep the posts short (as short as possible) and simple...

Sunday, May 17, 2009


hey there,

been a loooooooooooooooooooooooong time since I last posted anything. well to recall these past 2-3 mts it was filled with turmoil confusion and in the end INTERNSHIP.

The jury was AWSOME. Vibhav from Vibhav studios had come, he along with Manu and Karan sir took our jury. Gave some encouraging comments.

Then came the wait... the prolonged wait for internship. But as they say there is light in the end of the tunnel... I saw my light on 4th may... our internship started...

boy is the studio different then I imagined... Its a heck of alot more fun then I thought... its not like any other office I have seen... the atmosphere is not that of an office... its more free... more fun... (I mean when someone just skates across u with a skateboard how much more can it be) Yes theres a skateborad in the studio (actually 2) and with a couple of falls I have learned to stand upright in one of those, even when the darn thing's moving (^_^). Well apart form that theres a TT table where I get my daily workout.

As for assignment I have got a dialogue as test from barnyard series. its fun... too bad I cant post it. It's turning out nice. and I have Sujit Babu (my 2nd sem faculty) as my mentor, and he's pushing me really hard. In doing that I am learning ALOT.

Well life's going on. And for next 3 mts its gonna be a BLAST... after that what's gonna happen I am still not sure... As someone had said... "we'll cross that bridge when we get there"...

Hoping for the best

Thats it for now

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

4 days LEFT!!!!

hey there!

As I am typing this! time slips by and the End of End is nearing! and the Beginning of beginning is beginning....

OK OK!!! i know I am babbling but what can I do... I dono what I am doing anymore... Well working on my old files... I know... but I am so completely lost, that in the morning when I am laying in the bed, I donno whether I am in bed to go to sleep or whether I have finished sleeping!

well cleaning up old works takes more patience than I expected. I mean I cant believe I did those things.

ok jokes aside... heres the video of the submission I made for 11second club... not as good as I hoped it to be... but I know, I'll do better next time (learnt alot).

keeping it short, will post my demo reel in couple of days... hoping to finish it ON TIME!!!

thats it for now

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

PP mock Interview

hey there,

Last week was ONE Hectic WEEK!!!! all my submissions apart from animation was done!!! that means no more PP or art (SIGH!).... now I M Purly into the comp doing MAYA! with nothing else in my mind but the DIALOGUE!

heres some pics of us waiting for our interview

all tensed up!!! waiting for our turn!

well dialogue is cming along sloooooooowly! praying like hell I can finish it in time!

thats it for now

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

MY Class Mates

Hey there!

As Promised this is the picture of all my Class mates! All are looking happy because of the valuable document held in their hand.

no! its not their Progress report! its not their certificate. Its their Internship Form. Its a reminder, that its coming to an END of the road. No more student.

Standing (L to R): Vinodh, Sumit, Abhinav. Takashi, Sabhya and Arkajyothi
Sitting (L to R): lakshmi, Feroz and Harish

The END is COMING!!! thats the thought that's running in my mind these days. I donno if thats a good thing or a BAD thing. After 17 years of student life I am now thrown into the cruel cold world. I am thinking Is that A good thing or A bad thing??? especially with the current situation. oh well! lets see what happens... for now I am happy!

tomorrow Is a sad sad day! my good friend Takashi will be leaving for Japan. will post some of the pic's day after tomorrow

Thats it for now

Monday, January 5, 2009

Liping Synking AHOY!!!

hey there,

well atlast I have reached to the state where I can BLOCK my lypsync! after this LOOONG journey The sight is near! I can atlast the end of the road! the END is coming and All that melodramatic stuff!

Here's the playblast of my WIP!

My logo's about to be finished and other demoreel stuff is getting ready. Whenever I sit to work on my demoreel printing stuff I sit and wonder! what the hell am I gonna put Inside this stuff??? well hope I will have an answer for it SOON!

well thats it for now