Sunday, May 17, 2009


hey there,

been a loooooooooooooooooooooooong time since I last posted anything. well to recall these past 2-3 mts it was filled with turmoil confusion and in the end INTERNSHIP.

The jury was AWSOME. Vibhav from Vibhav studios had come, he along with Manu and Karan sir took our jury. Gave some encouraging comments.

Then came the wait... the prolonged wait for internship. But as they say there is light in the end of the tunnel... I saw my light on 4th may... our internship started...

boy is the studio different then I imagined... Its a heck of alot more fun then I thought... its not like any other office I have seen... the atmosphere is not that of an office... its more free... more fun... (I mean when someone just skates across u with a skateboard how much more can it be) Yes theres a skateborad in the studio (actually 2) and with a couple of falls I have learned to stand upright in one of those, even when the darn thing's moving (^_^). Well apart form that theres a TT table where I get my daily workout.

As for assignment I have got a dialogue as test from barnyard series. its fun... too bad I cant post it. It's turning out nice. and I have Sujit Babu (my 2nd sem faculty) as my mentor, and he's pushing me really hard. In doing that I am learning ALOT.

Well life's going on. And for next 3 mts its gonna be a BLAST... after that what's gonna happen I am still not sure... As someone had said... "we'll cross that bridge when we get there"...

Hoping for the best

Thats it for now

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