Sunday, September 25, 2011

the Break week

hey there,

It was break time but I guess I promised myself that I wont be staring at the comp for the whole week (fat chance that's gonna happen ) ...

so I went back to some unfinished project and started working on that...

I was able to finish up the modelling and coloring of gundam...

Heres a quick test render for the pose...

the rig hasnt been even started but i wanted to see how much i can push the spine before it stops feeling like a single piece of metal.. and I was shocked by how much i got the spine to bent and twist without it being obvious :D...

and then I tried to modify norman to look like the flight suit amuro wears...

didnt really work for more then a day since its not gonna be seen in detail... will work on it a bit more if i get more time (need to add more detail to the suit :)

well thats its for now


Sunday, September 18, 2011

PitStop 1 (class 1 week 12)

Hey there,

Wow I still cant believe how time can fly... I mean its already week 12 and I am saying goodbye to my mentor... I received my a full performance evaluation this week and I am glad AW feels I am improving in drawing... guess all the time I spent staring at people (just am glad looks cant kill or i'vd been dead thousand times over )

well is a sweet sorrow movement.. I really gonna miss AW's awesome QnA which pretty much was always inspirational and just filled with information...

well In the break week I hope to go back to some old stuff i put in WIP and try to get some modelling work done on the top super secret project... (something related to anime series gundam) I hope to get some more modelling work done by the end of the week :D

well heres my Progress reel a small compilation of all the work i've done till now :)

ok thats it for now

Monday, September 12, 2011

Personality walk (class 1 week 11)

hey there,

Finally finished cleaning up the graph for this weeks assignment and boy was the knee a challange this time :D

but i think it was all worh it in the end to see the character come to life march across the screen trip and fall :D

ok no more rambeling (as if thats even possible) and here is my submissions for this week

and for week 11 we had a unique challange of a pose :D "balance"
and not just any balance but balancing with atlest on one leg... i found a small loophole in the assignement and abused it in my drawings... they didnt mention that we HAD to draw the poses wit one foot balance on one foot :D

So i pretty much went crazy exploring some crazy wicked stuff to absolute subtle ones

heres my drawings :)
my sketches for Balance

decided to do the YOGA
 so heres stu keeping his body slim n trim with yoga (next i wish he would trim his head size down a bit)

apart form my default assignments i wanted to do something to my mentor... he was very patient with me answering all my mails, all my stupid queries with not a hint of irritation... He even stayed up quite late just to finish my critique... I totally appriciate all the effort he put in teaching :) so wanted to do something for it :)

just a small thank u for a g8t mentor :)

well thats it for now

Monday, September 5, 2011

Crazy Walk Blocking (class 1 week 10)

hey there,
It's been a crazy week, lot of stuff happened both animation wise and in real life....
since I am gonna talk about animation most of the time might as well list the things that happened outside the computer world :D

on Friday my friends and I went on a long road trip to jog falls near Mysore.... it was fun, long drive... and spent quite some time just relaxing right under the falls... it was relaxing...

on the way back decided to check out the accuracy of the mobile GPS... one of the few things is that GPS doesnt like talking highways :D it loves to go around small roads... overall it was totally awesome day... on the other hand looks like my filling on the tooth is infected... so gonna be drilling into it and add a cap to it... oh well i guess it had to happen some day!!!

ok back to animation....

this week was one awesome and scary assignment... (freedom can be g8t and scary at same time)

so just so i dont feel comfortable i tried to do something i never thought of :) (ok thats a lie i thought of doing something like this but didnt have the guts to attempt it )

here is the planning of the walk:

and here's the assignment I submitted:

and for this weeks pose it was exhausted:

my Sketches

my pose

well thats it for now maybe if im less lazy in the week i'll be uploading the pictures of the trip :D