Sunday, August 28, 2011

Vanilla Walk Spline (class 1 Week 9)

hey there,

and finally after struggling for hours on end i managed to make ballie walk on his own two feet... I feel so proud the ball has grown up sooo fast... just few weeks back the ball was just a little thing bouncing around being just a little ball... how soon it grew up got legs and is now walking on its own two feet...

so proud...


well its gonna start showing attitude frm next week but i guess thats expected...

for now heres the splined version of the walk

apart frm this there was a unique challenge of showing consern through a single pose... here are my sketches...

and the stu pose

i tried alot not to use props n second character but in the end i failed :( i really wanted to show touch... in this assignment I realised how much a single touch can mean... I can still remember my mum sitting on the bed side and just watching me try 2 go 2 sleep as I suffered frm high feaver or other discomforts i faced as a child... and i remember how much a touch brought comfort to me :)

well i'll end before i get nostalgic and make myself stop frm visiting this site again (cause im betting no1 else is gonna be reading this garbage :D but my future self in the future :) )

that's it for now

Monday, August 22, 2011

Vanilla Walk Block (class 1 week 8)

hey there,

and finally the ball grew some legs :D
this week was for blocking of a vanilla walk... i.e a walk with no personality didnt get much of a chance to expriment but i did learn quite a lot...

here is the my this week's poses Physical Strength

and my stu pose for it

here is my planning (rather i just a mix from survival kit... and Anthony's input which strangly is similar to the survival kit :P )

and finally the piece de resistance (ok i wanted to use that somewhere)

well that's it for now


Monday, August 15, 2011

Tail with Tail'or' (class 1 week 7)

hey there,

I am gonna do a reeeel sneaky thing... I am going to predate this post by a week... :D
I was lazy last week cause i went out... I went to Catch the Captain America, the First Avenger movie on sunday with my friend who decided to drop in for the week end all the way from Hyderabad...
the pics are in my Facebook Photos
it was beautiful and breathtaking and the drive was Thrilling (i clocked 300 km in 2 days which to me is a record :D )

well thats the reason I missed posting last week ( im lazy and totally forgot is not to be known ) but since virtual world is sooooo flexiable I just make people think I posted it on the right date :P (those who decide to chk on my blog i.e... not that I think many will or does )

well anyway week 7 was dam exciting... did a lot of experimenting and came up with this planning :D

the tail was a challenge... trying to add emotion in a tail... wow that was to me challenging...
but here is the output

(p.s. i uploaded the revised version by mistake and am too lazy to go bak and reupload so i guess i'll let it stay :D )

ok guess thats it for now... have to go and make this weeks post too :P


Monday, August 8, 2011

Pendum (class 1 week 6)

hey there,

atlast week 6... and overlaps were fun... did some crazy reference video for it...

well here's this weeks planning

well thats it for now


Monday, August 1, 2011

Obstacle course (class 1 week 5)

Hey there,

Coool week 5 ended but learning new stuff didn't... tried a lot of new stuff... got alot of awesome tips form my mentors and friends in AM...

here's my week's submission:

My planning

my Obstacle course

My sketching for devastated

and finally my devastated pose

well thats it time to go up to pendulam :D cant w8t to learn about overlaps and such

thats it for now