Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Polishing Class (Class 06 Week 04)

hey there,

a little behind schedule this week... I was able to work only 3 days this week... i was out this week frm thursday to sunday so i was able to get very little work done... on the bright side I finally got to take the car out for a loooong drive (about 800Km )... it was kind of an emergency

work wise that means that I am a week behind schedule for my new weight shot... hope to get it started this week...

well thats it for now...


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Polishing class (Class06 Week 03)

hey there,

well not much to mention this week except maybe some major changes in my icecream shot (well somewhat major :D ) reworked the blur frames and stuff... apart from that i had a FUN weekend... A peer buddy of mine decided to move to good old Bendakaluru (or better known an banglore/bengalore ) so there was a nice meet up... spent time talking abt everything and nothing (most of it animation related...) made me realize something... I love hanging around other animators... I am most alive during those times... well hopefully that would mean if and when i get a job i would be in Valhalla (well wanted to say nirvana but i think valhalla feels more close to what I am feeling)

hers the work...
theres a video reference for my next shot that I am too lazy to upload maybe will upload it next week with my pencil tests...

thats it for now

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

polishing class (Class 06 Week 02)

hey there,

its end week 2 and things are going on smashingly... jason is an awesome mentor... and learing quite alot from him...

now onto the submissions this week... the dialogue has got some minor changes... but i think they are for the better... i think my eyes are pretty much gone for this shot... and i fear i might be entering into the "too much noodle" Zone... i think i should find a better to get some fresh eyes on it...

I am haveing fun with the second shot...  the icecream one... that is the shot where i am learning quite a bit... made some changes... more changes on the way...

the final thing is a quick 2D exploratory sketch for a weight lift...

well thats it for now...


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

no clue what the title is (Class 06 Week 01 )

hey there,
I know I KNOW!!! the title is weird... but i have no clue what title to give to this post... :D

so we are all set with the new year with my final AM class (and yes i realized i missed last weeks post explanation... [if anyone even cares] will follow later in the post)...

I was supposed to have finished my course by december itself but i took an LOA inbetween term 4 and 5 to join up with Tata elxsi as freelance animator... (oh boy those days were fun... maybe someday i'll put up some of the stuff i worked on :) )

so this term my new mentor is Jason Tylor... Had his 1st qna and it was awesome... cant wait for more!!!

here is what i uploaded this week:


as u already noticed the IceScream shot is still not past blocking... it might be splined but its still blocking none the less :( ... The reason is that last week instead of working on my animation i was working as freelance... the shot was fun to do... loved the characters voice.... somehow reminded me of megatron from the transformers... had fun animating it so hey the week was still fun animating...

apart from animation over the new year I enjoyed a nice trek at shivagange (photos those who cant see this add me up in faceybook :D )

well thats it for now