Monday, July 25, 2011

Heavy N light ball (class 1 Week 4)

Hey there,

Woooooooh!!!! week 4 done thats about a month of AM maddness....

It's getting awesomer and awesomer (ok i know theres not such word but there is in my dictionary :D ) but thats ok...

well not much to say here... but on to this weeks assignment... Heavy Vs light ball...

heres a quick Planning sketch:

Overall Plan

to make it eazy to read i've split up the image into heavy and light balls
Just heavy ball
only light ball

well here the result of that planning :

it was fun but am planning big things for my next assignment :D hopefully if my mentor allows it I wanna try something slightly different this week... something which i really wanted to do...

ok thats it for now


Monday, July 18, 2011

Bouncing Basket ball (class 1 week 3)

hey there,

YAY! 3 weeks of Class one done so i am though 1/4th of my class 1 :D 1/20th of my course is done :P
ok the reason im stuck with numbers in my head is cause of my assignment... bouncing balls... alot of math... alot of science alot of work on my poor fool head... but it was all worth it... in the end i understood alot of timing spacing and how to properly use video references...

this bouncing ball I did in a slightly layered fashion (i worked on one axis at a time started with Translate Y and den translate Z) felt a bit weird but it helped me learn alot... especially the advantage of muting channels... by muting Translate Y it was easier to see if the ball is moving smoothly or not... similarly by muting Translate Z u can see for any problems in just Translate Y...

also another thing i learnt is the simple roll cheat :D ... the math is confusing and crazy... (some thing to do with radius of the ball and all... but in the end if the ball is 1unit size and it moves 1 unit... then the ball will rotate 57.3 degrees... so if a ball of 1 unit size moves 10 units its rotation will be 573 degrees... if u understand math (which i sadly dont) u can chk this link done by my senior which explains the math and science behind the mysterious number "57.3"... but w8t this is not the cheat... this is the explanation for the cheat...

the cheat is simple: if say the ball is moving in translate Z and u want to make the ball roll then in graph editor select the curve go to edit (in graph editor) >> copy ... set a key in rotate (X in my case) and paste... play the animation and walla it didnt work... ofcourse it wouldnt work... if animation was soo simple every1 would be doing it... and i didnt have to try and explain the 57.3 rule thinigie would I...

anyway that was Part A of the cheat... heres the Part B...

now to get the ball to feel like its rolling on the ground... select the rotateX curve in graph editor and go to edit(in graph editor again)>>> scale (option box)...

in the value scale/pivot fill in 57.3 (or a multiple of 57.3 according to the size of the ball) and click scale... voila if u play the animation the ball rolls perfectly... (but it wouldnt hurt to chk the roll manually frame by frame to see if any small sliding happens but if done right there wouldnt be any...

well the post is getting long and i still havnt put up my work so let me do that...

heres the revision of my last weeks assignment the begger pose :

Then this weeks Sketches (on excitement):

and the Excitement pose itself :

the planning for my bouncing ball:

and finally my bouncing ball:

well thats abt it for now :)


Sunday, July 10, 2011

sketching and posing (Class 1 week 2 )

hey there,

what a week this was... had alot of fun... back to live sketching... it was urm... whats the word... nostalgic no... well I am not getting the word im looking for but its was really refreshing (ya thats the word) it was fun to go to the mall/coffeshop/park and sit for hours and draw and doodle and not and observe

well heres an video compilation of the sketches and poses (too many files to upload to do it individually :( )

on to particular poseing (excitement) ohhh exciting...
and Bouncing Ball!!!! been years since i did that so am a bit apprehensive... lets see how it goes

well thats it for now...


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pose Study (class 1 week 1 )

Hey there,

Ok I wanna apoligise for all of those who have made a comment but it didnt publish... I had this problem with some stupid ad spams's (I think it was in chinese and the links were to some naughty site *sigh*) that some1 kept posting on my quadraped animation post some time back and had to turn on moderating comments just to make it stop... I've turned it off (hopefully the spam filter will take care of the spams :D )

Thx Yann and Gisel for ur kind words... cant wait to see ur works... I am a stalker troll that bumps into alot of workspaces for inspiration :D *EVIL LAUGH*

Week 1 is almost at an end :D ... and it was a pretty laid back week... got to know my awesome mentor (chk the post I've made just before this :D or if ur lazy like me click here) Anthony Wong...

Got around watching all the workflow and training videos... got to know some neat stuff in there... but most of the time I spent stalking class 6 student's workspace (my twisted logic told me that class 6 would have the work right frm class 1 to 5 so i get an idea of the things I can expect :D ) watched some great piece of works... and even better had them great animators reply to my silly post like "Hey g8t reel :) "

Got pretty active in faceybook with some an awesome group called "AM EAGER BEAVERS"... not gonna post link cause Pascal wants it to be a closed community and only AM should have access to it (and yes UR right, I AM evil! )

well nuf of jabbering... Time to make sense...

oh w8t no!!! I have a little bit more jabbering to do before we get to the work (ok if this looks similar to shaw's TipsNTricks im sorry but I was always like dis no belive go chk my Ist posts :P and yes I AM also shamelessly advertising my old works)

what I wanted to talk is the AWESOME QNA session I Just had with Shawn Kelly (the CREATORS OF AM and a dude who worked on shots I drooled on thinking WOH!!! thats awesome)...

Here's the proof that of that QnA :D

Grats Shawn! U LOOK sooo much happy when u talk about your little baby :)

ALOT of Questions lurking in the dark pit (also known as my mind) got answered... and the tour was (as dash would say) TOTALLY WICKEEED!!!! still reeling in from the souvenirs that this guy's got... (well im dissapointed that I didnt get to see the anime joker that was hiding behind this semi naked anime chick statuette but then IM just crazy about joker)

Ok bak to what the topic says Pose study... I spent most of the week watching training videos and something that Doug Dooley said in his video got me thinking abt poses...

Well I didnt wanna jump ahead of my syllabus but I HAD to try out his teachings so I got on maya got stu in scene and posed out few poses... (and just for comparison I did 2 character poses with different line of action studying how it affects the emotion of the character)

In the end I thought If I can tell a story in just 1 frame that'll be sooo coool!

So heres what I came up wit :)


This was sorta my Ist attempt... played around with the rig...


Wanted to see how I a body language can affect the emotion...


Again just playing wit the body language...
p.s I got a nice tip here with just the head the emotion of the character can chage... I mean initially I had the stu looking at ground and I got a feeling he wasn't confident... but when I tilted the head to face the other guy... WOW the emotion totally changed even though he's bent down but by just making him look up changed the whole body language...

OOPS! damn Tailor

Just messing around with the character (oh and thx to pascal's tip i was able to add motion blur on the tailor)... oh and I just realised how Tailor got its name (tail-or) get it :D smart AMers very smart :D

and finally

Death of a loved one

Ok this was on my sketchbook as the first idea for Death (the one I posted on the topmost) but I was too scared to attempt this cause of the complexity of the pose (I always was afraid of closeness. HA! glad no shrink is reading this). But In the end I gave it a game try... I m not excatly happy with the pose (the original idea had me having the alive stu look down on the dead stu as she's hugging him but thanks to the BIIIIG head it looked like kissing and since thats not what I wanted Had to change it...) thanks to the huge head I wasnt able to get the alive stu's hand around the dead stu's head (wanted to really really feel like she's hugging him feeling for his untimly death)... also one mistake I note is the angle of the head of the dead stu... I wanted to have it in i.e facing the alive stu... cause thats what I noted when u hold a head u tend to face the head towards youself. but wit this char due to lack of facial feture it just led to confusion T.T )

be grateful if I can get tips on improving these...

oh and before I end my rambling I wanna post a link for this AWESOME rendering tutorial that (thanks charlie) was posted in eager beaver... Helped me alot making the renders look nice and soft :)

well thats it for now