Monday, July 25, 2011

Heavy N light ball (class 1 Week 4)

Hey there,

Woooooooh!!!! week 4 done thats about a month of AM maddness....

It's getting awesomer and awesomer (ok i know theres not such word but there is in my dictionary :D ) but thats ok...

well not much to say here... but on to this weeks assignment... Heavy Vs light ball...

heres a quick Planning sketch:

Overall Plan

to make it eazy to read i've split up the image into heavy and light balls
Just heavy ball
only light ball

well here the result of that planning :

it was fun but am planning big things for my next assignment :D hopefully if my mentor allows it I wanna try something slightly different this week... something which i really wanted to do...

ok thats it for now


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