Wednesday, January 28, 2009

PP mock Interview

hey there,

Last week was ONE Hectic WEEK!!!! all my submissions apart from animation was done!!! that means no more PP or art (SIGH!).... now I M Purly into the comp doing MAYA! with nothing else in my mind but the DIALOGUE!

heres some pics of us waiting for our interview

all tensed up!!! waiting for our turn!

well dialogue is cming along sloooooooowly! praying like hell I can finish it in time!

thats it for now

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

MY Class Mates

Hey there!

As Promised this is the picture of all my Class mates! All are looking happy because of the valuable document held in their hand.

no! its not their Progress report! its not their certificate. Its their Internship Form. Its a reminder, that its coming to an END of the road. No more student.

Standing (L to R): Vinodh, Sumit, Abhinav. Takashi, Sabhya and Arkajyothi
Sitting (L to R): lakshmi, Feroz and Harish

The END is COMING!!! thats the thought that's running in my mind these days. I donno if thats a good thing or a BAD thing. After 17 years of student life I am now thrown into the cruel cold world. I am thinking Is that A good thing or A bad thing??? especially with the current situation. oh well! lets see what happens... for now I am happy!

tomorrow Is a sad sad day! my good friend Takashi will be leaving for Japan. will post some of the pic's day after tomorrow

Thats it for now

Monday, January 5, 2009

Liping Synking AHOY!!!

hey there,

well atlast I have reached to the state where I can BLOCK my lypsync! after this LOOONG journey The sight is near! I can atlast the end of the road! the END is coming and All that melodramatic stuff!

Here's the playblast of my WIP!

My logo's about to be finished and other demoreel stuff is getting ready. Whenever I sit to work on my demoreel printing stuff I sit and wonder! what the hell am I gonna put Inside this stuff??? well hope I will have an answer for it SOON!

well thats it for now