Tuesday, February 3, 2009

4 days LEFT!!!!

hey there!

As I am typing this! time slips by and the End of End is nearing! and the Beginning of beginning is beginning....

OK OK!!! i know I am babbling but what can I do... I dono what I am doing anymore... Well working on my old files... I know... but I am so completely lost, that in the morning when I am laying in the bed, I donno whether I am in bed to go to sleep or whether I have finished sleeping!

well cleaning up old works takes more patience than I expected. I mean I cant believe I did those things.

ok jokes aside... heres the video of the submission I made for 11second club... not as good as I hoped it to be... but I know, I'll do better next time (learnt alot).

keeping it short, will post my demo reel in couple of days... hoping to finish it ON TIME!!!

thats it for now