Saturday, September 20, 2008

BasketBall Done!!!

hey there,

Atlast the sem has come to PASS (evil laugh)

And the Final chapter in the student life has BEGAN (more evil laugh)...


before the beginning of the end!!!

there is a break!!!

and in the break what am i supposed to do!!! i do not know!!!

hopefully something useful!

submitted my basketball assignment on friday got some correction but i dont feel like touching this file for some time!!! i will be working on a different rig. I cant see any more of hogan!

heres the playblast of my submission:

well nothing much to add!!!


Monday, September 15, 2008

Race Against TIME!!!

hey there,

I am not getting time to update my blog :( how sad... you know i was always wondering why the seniors never found time to update their blog... guess now i know... its fun doing what i am doing... basketball and all... but i am not finding anytime to post up my work... well now that i saw my blog i realised that i havnt posted anything for over a month!!! so here's my WIP on basketball... it is my last week file... i have started on graph cleanup... will update as soon as possible... just 4 more days... hope i can finish it in time...

well apart from it... a vacation is being planned... hopefully it will be a nice change...

thats it for now