Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bouncing BALL! *Phew*

Hey there,

Well animation classes started atlast! And got to learn a lot of thing already... the class of Thursday got postponed to Saturday. And on Saturday Jayash took our class. With Manu sir coming afterwards to give a breakdown of the course. Well looking forward to the grueling sessions ^_^
As our first assignment we were asked to do bouncing ball... seems easy doesn't it?


getting the ball to bounce is a child's play. But getting it to bounce JUST RIGHT, theres a challenge. Well after some tries I have got what can be classified as a Bouncing ball!

Here's a playblast.

But that wasn't what Jayash wanted. He wanted a pingpong ball. Well here's a playblast of it...

He's coming again tomorrow to check on our progress and have the other half of the assisted session. And then on Thursday our second class.
Well after breaking my head on these Balls (no puns) I didnt have much time to do anything else.

Well thats it for now!


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Almost on Render!

Hey there,

Been a long while since I last posted... Well had nothing to post anyway...

The First animation class was kinda a Bummer! Class started about half hour late and then we spent half an hour looking for the right classroom. (BooooHooooHooo no seminar room). Then our prof's Karan and Jayash came. Asked about us and told a bit about themselves. Got around getting to know everyone and stuff in Animation. What we can expect and whet we are expected to do!

But unfortunatly they didnt get around for actual teaching. And on Monday which was assisted session nothing happened (well I was the fool to hope that they would start the call on assisted session).

Well tomorrow will be the First call (I hope like Hell).

And ya about the Knaklesaur animation I was working On I did add a bit of secondary action. A bit of camera movement (to show as if the camera was on a Helicopter). And built an Environment.

Here's a playblast of the animation...

I will be working on the animation more but i felt it was about time i did something about the Background. Theres a lot of mistakes in it. And i'll have a hell of a time correcting it. But for now i'll have to concentrate more on the class assignment and put this aside.

But before i do that. I wanted to have a quick render of the animation so as I am writing this post I have put my file for Rendering. Will do some post production in After Effects...

Well thats it for now...


Monday, February 11, 2008

New Sem's Ahoy

Hey there,

Atlast my animation semester has started. It started on Wednesday with art, but it seriously started today with Biju mam's DC (design concept). Well how I spent my vacation is still a mystery. I donno where the week went? What happened to the mech! It seems only yesterday I started modeling it. Oh wait it was yesterday.

Well apart from trying to model, A semester 3 VFX artist Trivikram asked me to animate a character for final project (JACKPOT) so we went on line yesterday and were scrounging for a free rig which suited our purpose. Well we did come across a nice rig though wasn't exactly biped but it did suit the look.

I took some time getting acquainted with the character called “Knaklesaur”. The rig was done by Keil Figging.

well heres a playblast of a test done by me. Just to get a kinda story across I tried to show the char jump into the scene (from somewhere far off) and then head butt a incoming truck towards cam.

Its just a test i was doing but hear it is:

Since my class has started I would like to name my classmates!
Theres me (Obviously)
then we have
Vinodh, Shabya, Abhinav, Sumit, Feroz, Vivek, Harish, ArkaJyoti

and the only two ladies in our batch:

Lakshmi and Namratha

There maybe more. And as they join i'll give a edit to this blog.
thats it for now!


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Sem Final project!

Hey there,

Ok at last I am done with foundation studies! “YEAHHHHAAAAAAA” I am into animation. Had my counseling today and Manu sir also agreed that I am capable of doing Animation “phew”. Well it had been more then an year since he had seen my work.

Well what a progress. I myself feel the difference. Well now I am at last into animation. Will get to know how many people are joining my batch but one thing's for sure. The DC class taken by Biju mam's gonna be jam packed. Over 30 students (minimum). Well i think there'll be around 10-12 people in animation. Ok thats something I wont waste my vacation pondering over. I am gonna enjoy it. I suppose this is gonna be the last one for a really long time.

Well here's the project “The Qat” made by Ammar me and Buhas. Well i did the character rigging and animation in this short. Well it took some time to convert it to under 100MB. But its done!

Well thats it for now!
oh one more thing. During vacation I had nothing to do so had started modelling a Mech. Well it is coming out ok! hope I get to finish it...