Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Sem Final project!

Hey there,

Ok at last I am done with foundation studies! “YEAHHHHAAAAAAA” I am into animation. Had my counseling today and Manu sir also agreed that I am capable of doing Animation “phew”. Well it had been more then an year since he had seen my work.

Well what a progress. I myself feel the difference. Well now I am at last into animation. Will get to know how many people are joining my batch but one thing's for sure. The DC class taken by Biju mam's gonna be jam packed. Over 30 students (minimum). Well i think there'll be around 10-12 people in animation. Ok thats something I wont waste my vacation pondering over. I am gonna enjoy it. I suppose this is gonna be the last one for a really long time.

Well here's the project “The Qat” made by Ammar me and Buhas. Well i did the character rigging and animation in this short. Well it took some time to convert it to under 100MB. But its done!

Well thats it for now!
oh one more thing. During vacation I had nothing to do so had started modelling a Mech. Well it is coming out ok! hope I get to finish it...

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