Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bouncing BALL! *Phew*

Hey there,

Well animation classes started atlast! And got to learn a lot of thing already... the class of Thursday got postponed to Saturday. And on Saturday Jayash took our class. With Manu sir coming afterwards to give a breakdown of the course. Well looking forward to the grueling sessions ^_^
As our first assignment we were asked to do bouncing ball... seems easy doesn't it?


getting the ball to bounce is a child's play. But getting it to bounce JUST RIGHT, theres a challenge. Well after some tries I have got what can be classified as a Bouncing ball!

Here's a playblast.

But that wasn't what Jayash wanted. He wanted a pingpong ball. Well here's a playblast of it...

He's coming again tomorrow to check on our progress and have the other half of the assisted session. And then on Thursday our second class.
Well after breaking my head on these Balls (no puns) I didnt have much time to do anything else.

Well thats it for now!


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