Monday, February 11, 2008

New Sem's Ahoy

Hey there,

Atlast my animation semester has started. It started on Wednesday with art, but it seriously started today with Biju mam's DC (design concept). Well how I spent my vacation is still a mystery. I donno where the week went? What happened to the mech! It seems only yesterday I started modeling it. Oh wait it was yesterday.

Well apart from trying to model, A semester 3 VFX artist Trivikram asked me to animate a character for final project (JACKPOT) so we went on line yesterday and were scrounging for a free rig which suited our purpose. Well we did come across a nice rig though wasn't exactly biped but it did suit the look.

I took some time getting acquainted with the character called “Knaklesaur”. The rig was done by Keil Figging.

well heres a playblast of a test done by me. Just to get a kinda story across I tried to show the char jump into the scene (from somewhere far off) and then head butt a incoming truck towards cam.

Its just a test i was doing but hear it is:

Since my class has started I would like to name my classmates!
Theres me (Obviously)
then we have
Vinodh, Shabya, Abhinav, Sumit, Feroz, Vivek, Harish, ArkaJyoti

and the only two ladies in our batch:

Lakshmi and Namratha

There maybe more. And as they join i'll give a edit to this blog.
thats it for now!


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