Sunday, October 30, 2011

stickeyGum Blocking (class 2 Week 05)

hey there,
Last week was a disastar... the video reference i did was too exggerated that my mentor felt it better i did it over again :)

so i spent the week back to drawing board... with new set of reference and new planning :D

also started my blocking

and frankly the new one felt a lot better since i went ahead and exggerated in the blocking rather than in the video reference...

well thats it for now


Monday, October 24, 2011

Back Flip Polished (Class 2 Week 04)

hey there,

last week was FUN and horrible at same time... FUN cause i got to go crazy in front of the camera.. planning is soo much FUN!!! 2d tests are sooo great no splines to worry about... no graph editor... just pure drawings (which i cant draw very well but that never stopped me :D )

then came the horrible part... splines *shiver* well i know its really an important part of animation and this part is where our ideas gets to be in the clearest form ( i mean u cant show a stepped mode animation to an audience and tell dem ok Fill in the blanks with ur imagination ppl :D that would be rude )

ok i aint gonna waste more time...

just some more talking abt nothing...

my horrible day gets horribler on Sunday mrgn ... I get a call from my gud old airtel telling me that my bill is due and so on blah blah blah.... in my sleep haze i realise something they are charging me 100 bucks extra!!! few frantic calls to call center i figure out there was a screwup... i had asked for an upgrade to a 4mbps plan i mean im already paying a leg for the connection (rs.1200 + taxes) why the hell shouldnt i pay an toe more and get double the speed i mean i keep complaining about lags in my QnA's dont I... anyway last month when i made the request they tell me that they need a week's notice atleast to make the change in plan... so my plan will change in the month of october... but when i get my bill last week (which i didnt see till sunday :( ) i notice they have already upgraded my plan in the bill but was still getting the old plan... :'( so i go through whole month with a shitty 2mbps connection (which got really bad some days ) instead of a shitty 4mbps connection (which im getting now) they fight is on to get the 100 bucks off last months bill... complaint is registered... and lets see how it develops :)

ok now that i've wasted enough time... its time to put up the video of my last weeks work:

also this week we had to start planning for our next shot... which after an idea that struck me while taking bath (i almost slipped and fell when the idea HIT me) decided to do a stickey gum...

My planning sketches and notes

and my reference and 2d test video

well thats it for now


Monday, October 17, 2011

Forward Back flip Ist pass (Class 2 Week 03)

Hey there,

this week was quite uneventful (probably cause i didnt know what to do) usually i didnt have the luxury of having self doubt period (which is between blocking and Ist pass) for almost a week... Last term i pretty much had like a day or to to go past blocking literally skip through Ist pass in a blur and onward to arc tracking (or polishing :D )

though i did get to try out some thing new while doing my Ist pass, i used a tween machine and added all my Breakdowns and IB's in step mode (thus postponing the inevitable fear) till i had keys every other frame (well in a run i guess thats sorta expected :D ) only in the tail end did i have keys at more then 2 frame interval :D

oh well we learn something new... and thats gud :D

ok heres the playblast i submitted

also a pretty weird thing happend while encoding for some reason F003 gets played twice and i have no clue why it happens... it looks ok in the playblast... but as soon as i encode it boom that problem occurs... might have to look into it soon or i have to find a new way to encode my videos :(

well thats it for now :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Forward backflip Blocking (Class 2 week 02 )

hey there, had a really interesting week, I got to blocking part of my animation and as usual it was the most fun part of any assignment... next week's gonna be my nightmare... splining *brrr* im getting shivers just thinking about it!!!

oh well here is the blocking


 apart from that I was in the google hangout with alot of my am friends and during the hangout i kinda got this animation in my head and thought i'vd try it out... this is a 2d animation done really really really quick so the lines are pretty much all over the place (as usual) but somehow i kinda like it cause it has a different kind of charm...

the animation was done in a stright ahead layered fashion... actually started with body... finished animation on the whole thing then added legs (which was the toughtest cause i had to make them stay in one place and thats HARRRRRDDD :( and finally added the arms...

well thats it for now

Monday, October 3, 2011

Forward back flip Planning (Class 2 week 01)

hey there,

so my psychology of Body mechanics class has started... (i think its a fancy term to say introduction to body mechanics :D )

and again I got a great mentor David Tart who loves to concentrate on planning,

the class two assignments has a lot of choices (which sort of confused me as I keep thinking hey i can do this... not watit I can do THAT!!!! no no I think this is better!!! and soo on and so forth... I realize I like one idea more concepts rather then many ideas and many concepts :D ) decided to do something not too hard nor too easy (wanted to understand how my mentor thinks before attempting a much more difficult concept/assignment :D ) and ended up making narrowing down between two ideas... logroll or backflip...

Chose to do backflip (even though i favored logroll) just because to make a convincing log roll, it would take alot of frames and frankly I want to concentrate more on the area that i am really scared... going from stepped to linear!!!

here is the compilation of the video of few reference materials i gathered up in the youtube, and shooting my own reference (unfortunatly i can neverdo a backflip my fat ass and tummy love the ground too much that it takes alot of effort to make them go round in air...)

also i wanted to test if the concept will work I did a quick 2d test (which i included in the end of the reference)

using the reference and 2d test as base i created a very quick planning sketches :)

rough timing and planning

notes to make sure I dont stray from what I had originally intended

well thats it for now will be adding going into blocking the ballie

chao :)