Monday, October 24, 2011

Back Flip Polished (Class 2 Week 04)

hey there,

last week was FUN and horrible at same time... FUN cause i got to go crazy in front of the camera.. planning is soo much FUN!!! 2d tests are sooo great no splines to worry about... no graph editor... just pure drawings (which i cant draw very well but that never stopped me :D )

then came the horrible part... splines *shiver* well i know its really an important part of animation and this part is where our ideas gets to be in the clearest form ( i mean u cant show a stepped mode animation to an audience and tell dem ok Fill in the blanks with ur imagination ppl :D that would be rude )

ok i aint gonna waste more time...

just some more talking abt nothing...

my horrible day gets horribler on Sunday mrgn ... I get a call from my gud old airtel telling me that my bill is due and so on blah blah blah.... in my sleep haze i realise something they are charging me 100 bucks extra!!! few frantic calls to call center i figure out there was a screwup... i had asked for an upgrade to a 4mbps plan i mean im already paying a leg for the connection (rs.1200 + taxes) why the hell shouldnt i pay an toe more and get double the speed i mean i keep complaining about lags in my QnA's dont I... anyway last month when i made the request they tell me that they need a week's notice atleast to make the change in plan... so my plan will change in the month of october... but when i get my bill last week (which i didnt see till sunday :( ) i notice they have already upgraded my plan in the bill but was still getting the old plan... :'( so i go through whole month with a shitty 2mbps connection (which got really bad some days ) instead of a shitty 4mbps connection (which im getting now) they fight is on to get the 100 bucks off last months bill... complaint is registered... and lets see how it develops :)

ok now that i've wasted enough time... its time to put up the video of my last weeks work:

also this week we had to start planning for our next shot... which after an idea that struck me while taking bath (i almost slipped and fell when the idea HIT me) decided to do a stickey gum...

My planning sketches and notes

and my reference and 2d test video

well thats it for now


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