Monday, July 28, 2008

Weight Lift!!!

oh boy, the class after dhanu sir left, guess who came!!! none other then Manu sir!!! man I was sweating bullets, luckly he didnt see my jump but my weight lift! which for blocking was ok!!! He was pretty satisfied with the blocking and ofcourse there were the usual critiques!

well here it is after 2 weeks of working here's an opened version of the blocked file!!! I AM BORED of looking at the weight lift in step mode, so opened it all in spline and posting!!!

since Dhanmjay left, we have a new faculty, Sujhit Babu,

thats it for now


Friday, July 18, 2008

Boooo huuuu huuuu!!!

Hey there,

Its a real shame! my current mentor! Dhanunjay, he's got a job in UK and he's leaving there... congtx to him, but that kinda leaves us in a soup. I really had fun learning from him, and I did learn a lot from him... I hope he has a gud time working over there!!!

well about what I was doing for the past few weeks!!! JUMP JUMP JUMP!!! still its not over! well it is for now!!! but it has a lot left to work on! here's a playblast:

well apart form that I have also started the next assignment! Weight lift... after getting bored with looking at all the box lifting I decided to do something different (or atleast try to do something different) took couple of days for blocking, used video ref of self but didnt follow it fully, used it to get a rough idea of weight shift, still confused with a couple of poses! will get it cleared today...

when i converted it to spine it was coming out the way I intended (almost) need a lot of work smoothing... will have two projects to work on from now on ( jump and weigh lift) a third if i get time...

well thats it for now


Thursday, July 3, 2008


Hey there!

Well Jump!!! Jump!!! Jump!!! man my legs have got sore jumping around!!! Its the next assignment and it has got me jumping like never before! Now every where I start jumping around!!! Its a fun assignment but also a big challenge! I still have to get used to the overlaps and fluid movements and I suppose this assignment is for that purpose only!

Here's a blocking of my jump file!

Will start opening up the graph today!

Hope i'll do a heck of a lot better then my last assignment!!!