Wednesday, March 20, 2013

demoreel_V02 (class 06 week 11)

hey there,

There was a famous quote that keeps coming to my mind recently.. "All good things must, eventually come to an end" ...

and so ends my 18 months training of AM with this final submission... i still got 1 more week with my mentor... but no more grading... no more critique... no more sunday deadline (unless the place i might get into has sunday deadlines :) )

have a lot of personal things going on... and this isnt the place to put in but bascially it just means I have to hunt fr a job like i never hunted before...time to put all the knowledge to use...

but then does it mean this blog has come to an end??? i hope not... this blog i started with the sole purpose of seeing my progress... i can look back 2 yrs ago and see what i was doing... heck i can look back as far as 2007 when i truly started my journey as an animator... i hope to keep doing new shots... i have soo many unfinished projects (including the super secret LOA project that i started during my LOA but never got it past week 2... )

lets see where life will take me... (being too philosophical for past few weeks but hey i am under alot of stress.. so :P )

here is the final submission...

as usual at end of term i do a small thank u animation to my mentor... just to let them know how much i appreciate their hard work... (teaching this block head is really really hard work :) ) i do a small 2d animation ...

i dont spend much time and the animation is crude but its the thought that counts right :)

well thats it for now... next week i might post up all the thank u notes i made for all the 6 awesome mentors i had...


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Demoreel TIME!!! (class 06 Week 10 )

Hey there,

Well as mentioned in previous posts... its almost time for the end... ( and no end of the world didnt happen as expected in december most likely cause i took a leave of absence from animation mentor and so instead of finishing it up by december 21st... i am gonna finish my course in about  a weeks time...

well here is a 1st pass of my demo reel...

lets see what shots gets picked up and what shots gets bumped off :)

thats it for now


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

polishing Close to final (Class06 Week 09)

hey there,

So this loooooong journey is closeeeeee to completion... its already end of week 9 so that means theres just 3 weeks left...
funny thing is I am scared and excited at the same time... I am scared cause now I have to go out into the world hunting for a job (which from the looks of things are getting harder to find :D ) and excited cause now that I look back i have learned sooooo much and have grown soooooo much (both in the capacity as an animator and also physically got fat :P ) Am more confident on my ability and thanks to Tata elxsi I know I can survive in an professional envirnoment (i had struggled quite a bit when i was in keyframes in cochin one of the main reasons i joined AM :) )

well too much reminiscing... i'll keep this short... here is the progress of all the shots... have to start rendering them (*sigh* one never had to do that few years back :'( oh industry how u have grown )

next week will by 1st pass of my reel... lets see how it turns out...

thats it for now