Friday, December 16, 2011

Progress reel (class 02 week 12 )

hey there!!! its week 12 end of the class 2 WOOOT!!! its a bittersweet moment... I was soooo glad to have such an inspiring mentor... with our last qna behind... its time to look forward to next class and next class mentor... no idea who my mentor will be and i guess i have to find out after the break and since its xmas we have 2 weeks off... so the sem gonna start on 2nd jan (well 3rd mrgn for me in any case) so gonna expect some big changes... for one I'vd be posting from a new computer... getting rid of my old comp and buying myself a new 1 in the break week... somehting in the lines of an I5 processer 3.0 ghz 16 GB ram nvidea Geforse GTS 450 (dual monitor HD WOOT :D ) an cooler master maybe if i have budjet to space a wireless keyboard and mouse :P oh and I am off to mumbai on the 22nd december hope to get some pictures posted in here soon :) time for my progress reel... the reason i make these posts :D

 next sem i hope to do some animham i.e gonna spend a whole term on one character one style animating over 3 assignments... the list has been vauge at best but gave us a lot of freedom and i think camera cuts are gonna be awesome to learn... not sure if i'll post anything next week maybe i'll get to working on some of my old stuff i left unfinished.... (like the gundam model that is begging to be rigged :P ) thats it for now CHAO oh and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bharathnatyam Polishing (class 02 Week 11)

hey there, Phew finally Im done with the animation :D dance animation was HARD!!! (well as hard as i expected but i didnt expect i'vd bitch about it this much though :D ) gimbal locks -.-' stupid stewie with its HUGE head -.-' mitten hands... i mean OMG how the Hell am i gonna get nice poses with a mitten hands!!!! but in the end it was worth it... the animation turned out urn not bad i guess :) still a lot of tweaks still alot of adjustments i could have tried but its done for now...
 apart from this i created a small animation as a thank u for my mentor :) well my mentor is from Albuquerque, bugs bunny is one of my favorite cartoons and my mentor tends to forget everything else when he's concentrating on animation :D we were looking at david's maya screen for 10 mins without a word from him as he was getting his 2d arcs... and i thought idea popped in2 my mind :D
 well im all set to go to mumbai on 22nd!!! i've decided i'll book my ticket for going but i have no plans on booking for return journey hopefully it should be done by end of the week :) well thats it for now :) chao

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bharatnatyam refining (class 02 week 10 )

hey there, just 2 weeks left for class 02 to end... my mentor David tart was sick this week with flu so we missed this weeks qna :( hope he's feeling better (will know in the critique :D ) well had a hell of a time splining since i had a gimbal lock on the arms and right from F01 :( got to remember to chk the rotate order early in the game to make sure this doesnt happen again... i speat the whole week just on damage control... glad i had one more week to work on the arcs... in anycase heres my spline Pass :) thats abt it for now... will be booking my ticket to go to mumbai for few days in this week :) so gonna go to mumbai after almost 5-6 yrs phew!!! long time... thats it for now chao

Monday, November 28, 2011

Bharathnatyam blocking plus (class 02 week 09)

hey there, well nothing much happened this week so just gonna post my work :D started working on a super secret project which i hope to finish in couple of weeks time :) well thats it for now chao

Monday, November 21, 2011

Bharatnatyam Blocking (class 02 Week 08)

hey there,

well its been a crazy week... dance is not what i expected it to be... finding key poses is hard as hell...

well in any case i tried a different method of blocking (almost rotoscoped the whole thing but thanks to the limitations of the character I still had to exaggerate the poses and stuff)

here is the blocking:

I had a quick revision of my last assignment i dont think its called final need to tweak some

well thats it for now :)


Monday, November 14, 2011

Stickey Gum Polishing and Dance planning (class 02 Week 07)

hey there

ok so its already end of week 7 and now reached Final assignment for class 2... cant believe that time is flying by soo fast....

well Splining was a Pain (as usual) took longer then expected (didnt get time to post my stuff up early to get comments and revisons but oh well :) )

here is the assignment i submitted...

apart from this we had to start planning for our next week's assignment... I decided to do a dance... and thought A bharathnatyam is gonna be a nice challenge...

here is my planning for it:

thats it for now

Monday, November 7, 2011

Stickygum Ist pass (class 2 week 06)

hey there,
Ist pass with a huge stewie head... OMG! that was a pain in the butt... the head moving all over the place half the time all i did was damage control... just trying to keep the head moving in a nice arc and stuff... i got some neat ideas on how to do that... hopefully i'll make a video of it and put it up soon :) (promised my peer buddy i would :D )

anyway heres the submission for my current week's assignment

oh i forgot the bloody DST struck again... there are very few things i hate ALOT... and i guess DST is right on the top... (i guess maybe just above my hate for graph editor... but then i have a love hate relationship with my GE so i guess it is above in the list :D )

anyway thanks to the DST (abolish DST now) my classes have been pushed 1 hour later :(

p.s looking for support in the movement to end DST in the modern world... it might have made sense when the communication was limited my geographical distance but in the age when i can sit in the room and video chat with people around the globe *cough* google + hangout *cough* it just doesnt make sense...

well thats it for now... next week is final pass on stickey gum and planning for the new shot...


Sunday, October 30, 2011

stickeyGum Blocking (class 2 Week 05)

hey there,
Last week was a disastar... the video reference i did was too exggerated that my mentor felt it better i did it over again :)

so i spent the week back to drawing board... with new set of reference and new planning :D

also started my blocking

and frankly the new one felt a lot better since i went ahead and exggerated in the blocking rather than in the video reference...

well thats it for now


Monday, October 24, 2011

Back Flip Polished (Class 2 Week 04)

hey there,

last week was FUN and horrible at same time... FUN cause i got to go crazy in front of the camera.. planning is soo much FUN!!! 2d tests are sooo great no splines to worry about... no graph editor... just pure drawings (which i cant draw very well but that never stopped me :D )

then came the horrible part... splines *shiver* well i know its really an important part of animation and this part is where our ideas gets to be in the clearest form ( i mean u cant show a stepped mode animation to an audience and tell dem ok Fill in the blanks with ur imagination ppl :D that would be rude )

ok i aint gonna waste more time...

just some more talking abt nothing...

my horrible day gets horribler on Sunday mrgn ... I get a call from my gud old airtel telling me that my bill is due and so on blah blah blah.... in my sleep haze i realise something they are charging me 100 bucks extra!!! few frantic calls to call center i figure out there was a screwup... i had asked for an upgrade to a 4mbps plan i mean im already paying a leg for the connection (rs.1200 + taxes) why the hell shouldnt i pay an toe more and get double the speed i mean i keep complaining about lags in my QnA's dont I... anyway last month when i made the request they tell me that they need a week's notice atleast to make the change in plan... so my plan will change in the month of october... but when i get my bill last week (which i didnt see till sunday :( ) i notice they have already upgraded my plan in the bill but was still getting the old plan... :'( so i go through whole month with a shitty 2mbps connection (which got really bad some days ) instead of a shitty 4mbps connection (which im getting now) they fight is on to get the 100 bucks off last months bill... complaint is registered... and lets see how it develops :)

ok now that i've wasted enough time... its time to put up the video of my last weeks work:

also this week we had to start planning for our next shot... which after an idea that struck me while taking bath (i almost slipped and fell when the idea HIT me) decided to do a stickey gum...

My planning sketches and notes

and my reference and 2d test video

well thats it for now


Monday, October 17, 2011

Forward Back flip Ist pass (Class 2 Week 03)

Hey there,

this week was quite uneventful (probably cause i didnt know what to do) usually i didnt have the luxury of having self doubt period (which is between blocking and Ist pass) for almost a week... Last term i pretty much had like a day or to to go past blocking literally skip through Ist pass in a blur and onward to arc tracking (or polishing :D )

though i did get to try out some thing new while doing my Ist pass, i used a tween machine and added all my Breakdowns and IB's in step mode (thus postponing the inevitable fear) till i had keys every other frame (well in a run i guess thats sorta expected :D ) only in the tail end did i have keys at more then 2 frame interval :D

oh well we learn something new... and thats gud :D

ok heres the playblast i submitted

also a pretty weird thing happend while encoding for some reason F003 gets played twice and i have no clue why it happens... it looks ok in the playblast... but as soon as i encode it boom that problem occurs... might have to look into it soon or i have to find a new way to encode my videos :(

well thats it for now :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Forward backflip Blocking (Class 2 week 02 )

hey there, had a really interesting week, I got to blocking part of my animation and as usual it was the most fun part of any assignment... next week's gonna be my nightmare... splining *brrr* im getting shivers just thinking about it!!!

oh well here is the blocking


 apart from that I was in the google hangout with alot of my am friends and during the hangout i kinda got this animation in my head and thought i'vd try it out... this is a 2d animation done really really really quick so the lines are pretty much all over the place (as usual) but somehow i kinda like it cause it has a different kind of charm...

the animation was done in a stright ahead layered fashion... actually started with body... finished animation on the whole thing then added legs (which was the toughtest cause i had to make them stay in one place and thats HARRRRRDDD :( and finally added the arms...

well thats it for now

Monday, October 3, 2011

Forward back flip Planning (Class 2 week 01)

hey there,

so my psychology of Body mechanics class has started... (i think its a fancy term to say introduction to body mechanics :D )

and again I got a great mentor David Tart who loves to concentrate on planning,

the class two assignments has a lot of choices (which sort of confused me as I keep thinking hey i can do this... not watit I can do THAT!!!! no no I think this is better!!! and soo on and so forth... I realize I like one idea more concepts rather then many ideas and many concepts :D ) decided to do something not too hard nor too easy (wanted to understand how my mentor thinks before attempting a much more difficult concept/assignment :D ) and ended up making narrowing down between two ideas... logroll or backflip...

Chose to do backflip (even though i favored logroll) just because to make a convincing log roll, it would take alot of frames and frankly I want to concentrate more on the area that i am really scared... going from stepped to linear!!!

here is the compilation of the video of few reference materials i gathered up in the youtube, and shooting my own reference (unfortunatly i can neverdo a backflip my fat ass and tummy love the ground too much that it takes alot of effort to make them go round in air...)

also i wanted to test if the concept will work I did a quick 2d test (which i included in the end of the reference)

using the reference and 2d test as base i created a very quick planning sketches :)

rough timing and planning

notes to make sure I dont stray from what I had originally intended

well thats it for now will be adding going into blocking the ballie

chao :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

the Break week

hey there,

It was break time but I guess I promised myself that I wont be staring at the comp for the whole week (fat chance that's gonna happen ) ...

so I went back to some unfinished project and started working on that...

I was able to finish up the modelling and coloring of gundam...

Heres a quick test render for the pose...

the rig hasnt been even started but i wanted to see how much i can push the spine before it stops feeling like a single piece of metal.. and I was shocked by how much i got the spine to bent and twist without it being obvious :D...

and then I tried to modify norman to look like the flight suit amuro wears...

didnt really work for more then a day since its not gonna be seen in detail... will work on it a bit more if i get more time (need to add more detail to the suit :)

well thats its for now


Sunday, September 18, 2011

PitStop 1 (class 1 week 12)

Hey there,

Wow I still cant believe how time can fly... I mean its already week 12 and I am saying goodbye to my mentor... I received my a full performance evaluation this week and I am glad AW feels I am improving in drawing... guess all the time I spent staring at people (just am glad looks cant kill or i'vd been dead thousand times over )

well is a sweet sorrow movement.. I really gonna miss AW's awesome QnA which pretty much was always inspirational and just filled with information...

well In the break week I hope to go back to some old stuff i put in WIP and try to get some modelling work done on the top super secret project... (something related to anime series gundam) I hope to get some more modelling work done by the end of the week :D

well heres my Progress reel a small compilation of all the work i've done till now :)

ok thats it for now

Monday, September 12, 2011

Personality walk (class 1 week 11)

hey there,

Finally finished cleaning up the graph for this weeks assignment and boy was the knee a challange this time :D

but i think it was all worh it in the end to see the character come to life march across the screen trip and fall :D

ok no more rambeling (as if thats even possible) and here is my submissions for this week

and for week 11 we had a unique challange of a pose :D "balance"
and not just any balance but balancing with atlest on one leg... i found a small loophole in the assignement and abused it in my drawings... they didnt mention that we HAD to draw the poses wit one foot balance on one foot :D

So i pretty much went crazy exploring some crazy wicked stuff to absolute subtle ones

heres my drawings :)
my sketches for Balance

decided to do the YOGA
 so heres stu keeping his body slim n trim with yoga (next i wish he would trim his head size down a bit)

apart form my default assignments i wanted to do something to my mentor... he was very patient with me answering all my mails, all my stupid queries with not a hint of irritation... He even stayed up quite late just to finish my critique... I totally appriciate all the effort he put in teaching :) so wanted to do something for it :)

just a small thank u for a g8t mentor :)

well thats it for now

Monday, September 5, 2011

Crazy Walk Blocking (class 1 week 10)

hey there,
It's been a crazy week, lot of stuff happened both animation wise and in real life....
since I am gonna talk about animation most of the time might as well list the things that happened outside the computer world :D

on Friday my friends and I went on a long road trip to jog falls near Mysore.... it was fun, long drive... and spent quite some time just relaxing right under the falls... it was relaxing...

on the way back decided to check out the accuracy of the mobile GPS... one of the few things is that GPS doesnt like talking highways :D it loves to go around small roads... overall it was totally awesome day... on the other hand looks like my filling on the tooth is infected... so gonna be drilling into it and add a cap to it... oh well i guess it had to happen some day!!!

ok back to animation....

this week was one awesome and scary assignment... (freedom can be g8t and scary at same time)

so just so i dont feel comfortable i tried to do something i never thought of :) (ok thats a lie i thought of doing something like this but didnt have the guts to attempt it )

here is the planning of the walk:

and here's the assignment I submitted:

and for this weeks pose it was exhausted:

my Sketches

my pose

well thats it for now maybe if im less lazy in the week i'll be uploading the pictures of the trip :D


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Vanilla Walk Spline (class 1 Week 9)

hey there,

and finally after struggling for hours on end i managed to make ballie walk on his own two feet... I feel so proud the ball has grown up sooo fast... just few weeks back the ball was just a little thing bouncing around being just a little ball... how soon it grew up got legs and is now walking on its own two feet...

so proud...


well its gonna start showing attitude frm next week but i guess thats expected...

for now heres the splined version of the walk

apart frm this there was a unique challenge of showing consern through a single pose... here are my sketches...

and the stu pose

i tried alot not to use props n second character but in the end i failed :( i really wanted to show touch... in this assignment I realised how much a single touch can mean... I can still remember my mum sitting on the bed side and just watching me try 2 go 2 sleep as I suffered frm high feaver or other discomforts i faced as a child... and i remember how much a touch brought comfort to me :)

well i'll end before i get nostalgic and make myself stop frm visiting this site again (cause im betting no1 else is gonna be reading this garbage :D but my future self in the future :) )

that's it for now

Monday, August 22, 2011

Vanilla Walk Block (class 1 week 8)

hey there,

and finally the ball grew some legs :D
this week was for blocking of a vanilla walk... i.e a walk with no personality didnt get much of a chance to expriment but i did learn quite a lot...

here is the my this week's poses Physical Strength

and my stu pose for it

here is my planning (rather i just a mix from survival kit... and Anthony's input which strangly is similar to the survival kit :P )

and finally the piece de resistance (ok i wanted to use that somewhere)

well that's it for now


Monday, August 15, 2011

Tail with Tail'or' (class 1 week 7)

hey there,

I am gonna do a reeeel sneaky thing... I am going to predate this post by a week... :D
I was lazy last week cause i went out... I went to Catch the Captain America, the First Avenger movie on sunday with my friend who decided to drop in for the week end all the way from Hyderabad...
the pics are in my Facebook Photos
it was beautiful and breathtaking and the drive was Thrilling (i clocked 300 km in 2 days which to me is a record :D )

well thats the reason I missed posting last week ( im lazy and totally forgot is not to be known ) but since virtual world is sooooo flexiable I just make people think I posted it on the right date :P (those who decide to chk on my blog i.e... not that I think many will or does )

well anyway week 7 was dam exciting... did a lot of experimenting and came up with this planning :D

the tail was a challenge... trying to add emotion in a tail... wow that was to me challenging...
but here is the output

(p.s. i uploaded the revised version by mistake and am too lazy to go bak and reupload so i guess i'll let it stay :D )

ok guess thats it for now... have to go and make this weeks post too :P


Monday, August 8, 2011

Pendum (class 1 week 6)

hey there,

atlast week 6... and overlaps were fun... did some crazy reference video for it...

well here's this weeks planning

well thats it for now


Monday, August 1, 2011

Obstacle course (class 1 week 5)

Hey there,

Coool week 5 ended but learning new stuff didn't... tried a lot of new stuff... got alot of awesome tips form my mentors and friends in AM...

here's my week's submission:

My planning

my Obstacle course

My sketching for devastated

and finally my devastated pose

well thats it time to go up to pendulam :D cant w8t to learn about overlaps and such

thats it for now


Monday, July 25, 2011

Heavy N light ball (class 1 Week 4)

Hey there,

Woooooooh!!!! week 4 done thats about a month of AM maddness....

It's getting awesomer and awesomer (ok i know theres not such word but there is in my dictionary :D ) but thats ok...

well not much to say here... but on to this weeks assignment... Heavy Vs light ball...

heres a quick Planning sketch:

Overall Plan

to make it eazy to read i've split up the image into heavy and light balls
Just heavy ball
only light ball

well here the result of that planning :

it was fun but am planning big things for my next assignment :D hopefully if my mentor allows it I wanna try something slightly different this week... something which i really wanted to do...

ok thats it for now


Monday, July 18, 2011

Bouncing Basket ball (class 1 week 3)

hey there,

YAY! 3 weeks of Class one done so i am though 1/4th of my class 1 :D 1/20th of my course is done :P
ok the reason im stuck with numbers in my head is cause of my assignment... bouncing balls... alot of math... alot of science alot of work on my poor fool head... but it was all worth it... in the end i understood alot of timing spacing and how to properly use video references...

this bouncing ball I did in a slightly layered fashion (i worked on one axis at a time started with Translate Y and den translate Z) felt a bit weird but it helped me learn alot... especially the advantage of muting channels... by muting Translate Y it was easier to see if the ball is moving smoothly or not... similarly by muting Translate Z u can see for any problems in just Translate Y...

also another thing i learnt is the simple roll cheat :D ... the math is confusing and crazy... (some thing to do with radius of the ball and all... but in the end if the ball is 1unit size and it moves 1 unit... then the ball will rotate 57.3 degrees... so if a ball of 1 unit size moves 10 units its rotation will be 573 degrees... if u understand math (which i sadly dont) u can chk this link done by my senior which explains the math and science behind the mysterious number "57.3"... but w8t this is not the cheat... this is the explanation for the cheat...

the cheat is simple: if say the ball is moving in translate Z and u want to make the ball roll then in graph editor select the curve go to edit (in graph editor) >> copy ... set a key in rotate (X in my case) and paste... play the animation and walla it didnt work... ofcourse it wouldnt work... if animation was soo simple every1 would be doing it... and i didnt have to try and explain the 57.3 rule thinigie would I...

anyway that was Part A of the cheat... heres the Part B...

now to get the ball to feel like its rolling on the ground... select the rotateX curve in graph editor and go to edit(in graph editor again)>>> scale (option box)...

in the value scale/pivot fill in 57.3 (or a multiple of 57.3 according to the size of the ball) and click scale... voila if u play the animation the ball rolls perfectly... (but it wouldnt hurt to chk the roll manually frame by frame to see if any small sliding happens but if done right there wouldnt be any...

well the post is getting long and i still havnt put up my work so let me do that...

heres the revision of my last weeks assignment the begger pose :

Then this weeks Sketches (on excitement):

and the Excitement pose itself :

the planning for my bouncing ball:

and finally my bouncing ball:

well thats abt it for now :)


Sunday, July 10, 2011

sketching and posing (Class 1 week 2 )

hey there,

what a week this was... had alot of fun... back to live sketching... it was urm... whats the word... nostalgic no... well I am not getting the word im looking for but its was really refreshing (ya thats the word) it was fun to go to the mall/coffeshop/park and sit for hours and draw and doodle and not and observe

well heres an video compilation of the sketches and poses (too many files to upload to do it individually :( )

on to particular poseing (excitement) ohhh exciting...
and Bouncing Ball!!!! been years since i did that so am a bit apprehensive... lets see how it goes

well thats it for now...


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pose Study (class 1 week 1 )

Hey there,

Ok I wanna apoligise for all of those who have made a comment but it didnt publish... I had this problem with some stupid ad spams's (I think it was in chinese and the links were to some naughty site *sigh*) that some1 kept posting on my quadraped animation post some time back and had to turn on moderating comments just to make it stop... I've turned it off (hopefully the spam filter will take care of the spams :D )

Thx Yann and Gisel for ur kind words... cant wait to see ur works... I am a stalker troll that bumps into alot of workspaces for inspiration :D *EVIL LAUGH*

Week 1 is almost at an end :D ... and it was a pretty laid back week... got to know my awesome mentor (chk the post I've made just before this :D or if ur lazy like me click here) Anthony Wong...

Got around watching all the workflow and training videos... got to know some neat stuff in there... but most of the time I spent stalking class 6 student's workspace (my twisted logic told me that class 6 would have the work right frm class 1 to 5 so i get an idea of the things I can expect :D ) watched some great piece of works... and even better had them great animators reply to my silly post like "Hey g8t reel :) "

Got pretty active in faceybook with some an awesome group called "AM EAGER BEAVERS"... not gonna post link cause Pascal wants it to be a closed community and only AM should have access to it (and yes UR right, I AM evil! )

well nuf of jabbering... Time to make sense...

oh w8t no!!! I have a little bit more jabbering to do before we get to the work (ok if this looks similar to shaw's TipsNTricks im sorry but I was always like dis no belive go chk my Ist posts :P and yes I AM also shamelessly advertising my old works)

what I wanted to talk is the AWESOME QNA session I Just had with Shawn Kelly (the CREATORS OF AM and a dude who worked on shots I drooled on thinking WOH!!! thats awesome)...

Here's the proof that of that QnA :D

Grats Shawn! U LOOK sooo much happy when u talk about your little baby :)

ALOT of Questions lurking in the dark pit (also known as my mind) got answered... and the tour was (as dash would say) TOTALLY WICKEEED!!!! still reeling in from the souvenirs that this guy's got... (well im dissapointed that I didnt get to see the anime joker that was hiding behind this semi naked anime chick statuette but then IM just crazy about joker)

Ok bak to what the topic says Pose study... I spent most of the week watching training videos and something that Doug Dooley said in his video got me thinking abt poses...

Well I didnt wanna jump ahead of my syllabus but I HAD to try out his teachings so I got on maya got stu in scene and posed out few poses... (and just for comparison I did 2 character poses with different line of action studying how it affects the emotion of the character)

In the end I thought If I can tell a story in just 1 frame that'll be sooo coool!

So heres what I came up wit :)


This was sorta my Ist attempt... played around with the rig...


Wanted to see how I a body language can affect the emotion...


Again just playing wit the body language...
p.s I got a nice tip here with just the head the emotion of the character can chage... I mean initially I had the stu looking at ground and I got a feeling he wasn't confident... but when I tilted the head to face the other guy... WOW the emotion totally changed even though he's bent down but by just making him look up changed the whole body language...

OOPS! damn Tailor

Just messing around with the character (oh and thx to pascal's tip i was able to add motion blur on the tailor)... oh and I just realised how Tailor got its name (tail-or) get it :D smart AMers very smart :D

and finally

Death of a loved one

Ok this was on my sketchbook as the first idea for Death (the one I posted on the topmost) but I was too scared to attempt this cause of the complexity of the pose (I always was afraid of closeness. HA! glad no shrink is reading this). But In the end I gave it a game try... I m not excatly happy with the pose (the original idea had me having the alive stu look down on the dead stu as she's hugging him but thanks to the BIIIIG head it looked like kissing and since thats not what I wanted Had to change it...) thanks to the huge head I wasnt able to get the alive stu's hand around the dead stu's head (wanted to really really feel like she's hugging him feeling for his untimly death)... also one mistake I note is the angle of the head of the dead stu... I wanted to have it in i.e facing the alive stu... cause thats what I noted when u hold a head u tend to face the head towards youself. but wit this char due to lack of facial feture it just led to confusion T.T )

be grateful if I can get tips on improving these...

oh and before I end my rambling I wanna post a link for this AWESOME rendering tutorial that (thanks charlie) was posted in eager beaver... Helped me alot making the renders look nice and soft :)

well thats it for now

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Class 1 Mentor Anthony Wong

hey there,
Imagine Jackie chan come talking about animation.... thats my new mentor... and HE'S AWESOMEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

he had got us hooked on from the second he logged into the QnA... and we didnt want it to end...

p.s if ur by any chance reading this Anthony the shameless advertising for cars 2 worked... I am going to watch it :D

it's gonna be a blast learning form such a dedicated sensai...

will be putting up my assignments as i complete dem weekly

thats it for now

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


hey there,

phew i must be getting old and lazy or something... I just keep forgetting to update...

well I always wanted to try this animation form the second I saw the Optimus rig at creative crash

but I wasn't able to (either I didnt have anytime or I wasn't confident I'vd do justice to the rig)

well heres a playblast of the animation:

Optimus Transform from vedanth rajan on Vimeo.

Well I kinda am researching into render... texturing... lighting and visual effects so that I can get the feel (sorry cant get the right word) of the envirnoment.

also having troubles with rendering (some rig issue with the leg which im trying 2 fix ) hopefully I'll be able to post a rendered test soon.

Also this is just a test for a more complicated shot i've been planning for quite some time (yes I know I plan for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo *breath*ooooooooooooooooonnnnng time *pant pant* ) will be putting up a rough animatic of a sort as soon as im done with the planning stage... (not really happy with the staging)

well thats it for now...

cya later

Friday, March 18, 2011

back again!!!


Its excatly 1 year and 2 months since I last posted here... Thats a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNG Time... and alot of things have happened in that one year...

I was a faculty for few months teaching animation... poor poor students... Dont know how they learnt from someone who dont know much!!!

Then I joined in a studio in Kerala and was part of an episode of the toon taash... an 3d animation series of a famous serial Tash ma Tash. Learnt alot from it, had a wonderful animation supervisor (shine raj) and director (wizam).

And now I am back home... Trying to put the newly aquired knowledge to test...

When Wacom company felt pity on cheap (kanjos) artist like me. They released a cheap version of their FAMOUS tablet... and called it Bamboo one (probably cause it had only one button)...

now i spent 3k on the tablet (the small one) and was itching to try out some 2d animation, but I was lazy (for some reason windows XP didnt support touch sensitivity and it wasnt any fun drawing without touch sensitivity of an wacom)...

Installing Windows 7 solved that problem... It also made me unable to install maya for some reason ( :D guess my system hates me) so sitting i got to explore 2d animation...

heres a rough animation which was more or less animated stright ahead (u cant block much with a ball but i gave it a GAME try)

ball with tail test from vedanth rajan on Vimeo.

I had fun animating... but this was a simple animation... gonna try to do some more complex animation...

thats quite alot for now