Friday, December 16, 2011

Progress reel (class 02 week 12 )

hey there!!! its week 12 end of the class 2 WOOOT!!! its a bittersweet moment... I was soooo glad to have such an inspiring mentor... with our last qna behind... its time to look forward to next class and next class mentor... no idea who my mentor will be and i guess i have to find out after the break and since its xmas we have 2 weeks off... so the sem gonna start on 2nd jan (well 3rd mrgn for me in any case) so gonna expect some big changes... for one I'vd be posting from a new computer... getting rid of my old comp and buying myself a new 1 in the break week... somehting in the lines of an I5 processer 3.0 ghz 16 GB ram nvidea Geforse GTS 450 (dual monitor HD WOOT :D ) an cooler master maybe if i have budjet to space a wireless keyboard and mouse :P oh and I am off to mumbai on the 22nd december hope to get some pictures posted in here soon :) time for my progress reel... the reason i make these posts :D

 next sem i hope to do some animham i.e gonna spend a whole term on one character one style animating over 3 assignments... the list has been vauge at best but gave us a lot of freedom and i think camera cuts are gonna be awesome to learn... not sure if i'll post anything next week maybe i'll get to working on some of my old stuff i left unfinished.... (like the gundam model that is begging to be rigged :P ) thats it for now CHAO oh and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

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