Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bharatnatyam refining (class 02 week 10 )

hey there, just 2 weeks left for class 02 to end... my mentor David tart was sick this week with flu so we missed this weeks qna :( hope he's feeling better (will know in the critique :D ) well had a hell of a time splining since i had a gimbal lock on the arms and right from F01 :( got to remember to chk the rotate order early in the game to make sure this doesnt happen again... i speat the whole week just on damage control... glad i had one more week to work on the arcs... in anycase heres my spline Pass :) thats abt it for now... will be booking my ticket to go to mumbai for few days in this week :) so gonna go to mumbai after almost 5-6 yrs phew!!! long time... thats it for now chao

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