Saturday, April 26, 2008


Hey there!

“Unplug yourself!” Well that’s gonna be the new mantra!

What the hell am I talking about? Heh! Well before I used to have wires sticking out of my ears like rest of the CG artist gang… Now I decided to take up the advice given by Richard Williams in his AWSOME book “Animators survival Kit”…

And you know what? The ruddy advice works! My animation quality did actually improve… less mistakes… only problem is the bloody advise itself… I have to work in silence :( oh well! That’s the breaks ^_^

Ok onto better stuff… this week Jayash has given us the Pre-final submission *brrrrrr* weight shift with ball man… here’s what I showed him on Friday:

Oh i have already went into first pass and stuff but will first the finished product with my other pre-final submission… Oh that reminds me! Jayash gave very little corrections to the walk cycle and pendulum so HURRAY! for Richard Williams...

Well thats it for now

Monday, April 21, 2008

ON to Ball man!

Hey there!

Ball Man! Guess another upgrade! Oh and before i forget! The delay in post is not due to lack of any work but due to lack of Internet facility in my lab.

A lot of stuff has happned in the past couple of weeks, i.e. After submission. The week after midsem submission we were graced with Manu sir's visit. He checked on all our works and comment on it. Received some good views. From now on KISS (keep it simple stupid)...

Well apart from that, we have started with ballman walk cycle. And pendulum, here's a playblast of the WIP,


WalkWIP (front)

Walk WIP(side)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mid Sem Submissions

Hey there,
At last my animation mid-sem animation submission is done... here's a play blast of my submission:

Ball with Tail(followthrough action:

I know i posted it before but i might put it again even though i didnt get it right...

Box Jump (anticipation):

(side view)

(perspective view)

and finally the main submission,

Box and ball interaction:

I know i still have to get the tail right! So will be working on it...

Well from this Thursday i think we'll be starting with walk cycle!

The path of an animator is a long and hard one. And i just had my first firm step on that path... a loooooooooong way to go...

well thats it for now


Friday, April 4, 2008


Hey there...

Well at last it seems to be into the second (or third) gear... animation with character, instead of pure physics... well apart from each people having different view of how a character should be (the demerits of individuality :D ) it's pretty fun...

Oh and it's really hard to impress Jayash! But will be trying like hell to do it... everytime he rips my work to pieces... though i feel he's pretty ok with the progress I am making... well I have started onto the path I am loving...

Well enough bullshit... Here's what I am currently working on... It's a Playblast of Box and ball interaction... I have finished with the blocking and Ist pass stage... need to give a second pass, fix the tail and work on the graph (my nightmare)...

Will have to finish it by Monday and submit by Tuesday...
Well thats it for now