Sunday, January 29, 2012

Animjam shot 1 polishing (class 03 week 04 )

hey there,
polishing (-.-)' always been a bane!!! its the point when u realize damn the animation looked soooo much cooler in my head :D

well here is my submission for this week

also have uploaded my video reference for my next assignment.

well thats it for now

Monday, January 23, 2012

Animjam shot 1 blocking plus (class 03 week 03 )

Hey there,

wow already end of week 3... time sure flies...
after some modifications to the blocking and some changes to the shot here is the refined pass... still having trouble with settle but hopefully solve it by end of the week :)

that's  it for now


Monday, January 16, 2012

animjam shot 1 blocking (class 03 week 02 )

hey there,

so its time for the most fun part of assignment... BLOCKING yay... there was a slight change in the planning... kenny felt that crawling would be too complicated at this stage so had to make changes...

here is my blocking submitted:

well thats it for now


Monday, January 9, 2012

anim jam shot 1 Video reference (class 03 week 01 )

hey there,

I really cant belive it!!! I got Kenny roy as my class 3 mentor... the Ist qna was AWESOME!!!
and scary at the same time... the talk of failing classes sounds scary to me!!!!

well after some thoughts and 2 weeks of delebration (in mumbai ) i decided to do anim jam :)

here are my planning sketches and videos

apart from that a friend of mine had her b'day few weeks back and cheapskate that i am i decided to make a present rather den buy 1 ;D

heres a quick 2d animation i did for her :)

well thats it for now :)


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Break Week (between class 2 -3 )

hey there,

2 weeks of break... and it was FUN!!! got away from computer for a while... felt AWESOME!!! had a neat adventure (well atleast i like to think of it as an adventure)

Went to mumbai to visit my old friends... It was mind opening journey... I learnt quite a lot about myself (16 hrs of travelling alone and u have nothing more to do but ponder :D )

well heres the quick photo of the guys I met (oh and im missing one peron in this pic but thats a different story to be elobrated in the later part of the post)

(From L to R Siddi, Pankaj, Jiggi, Darr and GOSH BABU )
Miss u guys alot :)

and this is what happened to me in mumbai :'(

apart from these guys i met another friend of mine Dapoon Rai Diwan and frankly I am touched by his optimism... dude I dont know if u read my blog but in an off chance that you do... U rock man!!! ur optimism rearranged my perspective dude (and im not talking abt maya :D )

apart from that I am all set for my next class to start...

in the mean time I upgraded my system... I got a new cabinet...
an I5 (3.0) 16 gb ram and GTS 450 with cooler master cabinet and an awesome wireless keyboard/mouse...

got 64 bit windows installed and now my system is FLYING :D

to get back to speed i did a quick 2d test

well thats it for now...
next week i'll know who my mentor is and my class 4 would have started...

chao :)