Sunday, January 1, 2012

Break Week (between class 2 -3 )

hey there,

2 weeks of break... and it was FUN!!! got away from computer for a while... felt AWESOME!!! had a neat adventure (well atleast i like to think of it as an adventure)

Went to mumbai to visit my old friends... It was mind opening journey... I learnt quite a lot about myself (16 hrs of travelling alone and u have nothing more to do but ponder :D )

well heres the quick photo of the guys I met (oh and im missing one peron in this pic but thats a different story to be elobrated in the later part of the post)

(From L to R Siddi, Pankaj, Jiggi, Darr and GOSH BABU )
Miss u guys alot :)

and this is what happened to me in mumbai :'(

apart from these guys i met another friend of mine Dapoon Rai Diwan and frankly I am touched by his optimism... dude I dont know if u read my blog but in an off chance that you do... U rock man!!! ur optimism rearranged my perspective dude (and im not talking abt maya :D )

apart from that I am all set for my next class to start...

in the mean time I upgraded my system... I got a new cabinet...
an I5 (3.0) 16 gb ram and GTS 450 with cooler master cabinet and an awesome wireless keyboard/mouse...

got 64 bit windows installed and now my system is FLYING :D

to get back to speed i did a quick 2d test

well thats it for now...
next week i'll know who my mentor is and my class 4 would have started...

chao :)

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