Friday, March 23, 2012

Class 03 Progress reel (class 03 Week 12)

Hey there,

break Week!!! oh wait no break week its just break weekend :D

right so its on to next term next week :D SUPER excited abt it!!!

Had my last QnA with my mentor kenny... as  always it was a bittersweet moment...

here is my progress reel for this term (i realise its a bit sloopy but right now I think I am gonna enjoy my break and worry abt making it pretty later :P)

well thats it for now... next week new mentor new stuff...


Monday, March 19, 2012

animJam Shot 3 Polishing (Class 03 Week 11 )

hey there,

week 11 submission...HOLY COW!!! man its been one awesome ride for me... had made some major changes in my workflow (like adding sound effects track to get the timing, journling my workflow) my final shot i tried to make it such a way that i didnt have to touch the graph and for once a miracle happened... when i hit the linear button my animation didnt BLOWUP!!! like it always does... (partly it could be cause i had key every 2nd/3rd frame ) but i did understand how not to have my shot look crap when i spline it :D

(pssssssst... heres a secret......... its still in linear..)

well apart form this i did a quick thank u animation for my mentor kenny :)

well my mentor Kenny roy is trying to get his dream project started called "the little painter" for which he did a 24 hour marathon... it was awesome I wish i could back him up but unfortunatly i dont have the means (cant ask my dad's credit card :D )

here is the kick starter project...

I soooooooo wish this project gets a green light.... its almost 80% funded... my fingers are crossed...

well thats it for now... next week I hope to post a couple of repeating videos (well next week im gonna submit my progress rell and submit some of my works for student showcase... since both of them will have the same thing :P i guess i'll be posting the same animation twice :P)


ok i m just too lazy to make a new post so editing this post...
Kenny has made the maraton video public WOOOT!!! this is awesome cause theres TON's of awesome tips n tricks in there that any and all animators should watch :D

theres a catch though... the most awesome part is in the end... and that part stays locked till kenny reaches his goal (and kenny if ur reading this [1 in a million chance] that was a genius move though i might say its cruel :P )

Monday, March 12, 2012

animJam shot 3 refining (class 03 week 10 )

hey there,

sooooo close to end of class 3... its been an amazing journey :) so far... I was lucky eneough to get different style of mentors... and am hoping that my luck holds out :D

This week has been power packed.... It started out wit a BANG!!! with kennys 24 hour animation marathon (chk out the cool video at and if u can support him plz... this project soooooooo deserves the green light :D )
watched kenny animate for 24 hours stright (well i watched 18 hours of it :D ) and found a lot of polishing tips that i intend to use on my next assignment... In case some1 is wondering "why not on this assignment u foool????" I am trying out a different method on this one so its hard to follow those tips with my current assignment....

speaking of my assignment here's my submission for this week:

its not where i want it to be right now... but i didnt wanna go into polish be4 getting kenny's thoughts on it.... i still need to go in and add proper arcs on the legs in the end... I am thinking of trying out some thing new and different but since thats just a icing on the cake i better make the cake look and taste delicious (and no i cant bake a cake its just a example :) )

well thats it for now...


Monday, March 5, 2012

animJam shot 3 Blocking + (class 02 week 09)

hey there,

ok so i am trying something new am keying every other frame so all my animation is on 2's and 3's... and here is my submission

also i am not really sure on the camera animation but it was something that kenny discussed wit me in his qna so i tried it out.. not 100% satisfiied but then i never did take on the challenge of animating camera's yet (i guess I am just a BIG FAT SCARDY CAT!!! )

also in the starting of the week... I got inspired to do a quick 2d shot after watching an awesome sketch of a zombie getting blasted with a shotgun... by a g8t comic artist ( u can chk the video that inspired me here :P )

well thats it for now...