Monday, March 5, 2012

animJam shot 3 Blocking + (class 02 week 09)

hey there,

ok so i am trying something new am keying every other frame so all my animation is on 2's and 3's... and here is my submission

also i am not really sure on the camera animation but it was something that kenny discussed wit me in his qna so i tried it out.. not 100% satisfiied but then i never did take on the challenge of animating camera's yet (i guess I am just a BIG FAT SCARDY CAT!!! )

also in the starting of the week... I got inspired to do a quick 2d shot after watching an awesome sketch of a zombie getting blasted with a shotgun... by a g8t comic artist ( u can chk the video that inspired me here :P )

well thats it for now...

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