Monday, March 12, 2012

animJam shot 3 refining (class 03 week 10 )

hey there,

sooooo close to end of class 3... its been an amazing journey :) so far... I was lucky eneough to get different style of mentors... and am hoping that my luck holds out :D

This week has been power packed.... It started out wit a BANG!!! with kennys 24 hour animation marathon (chk out the cool video at and if u can support him plz... this project soooooooo deserves the green light :D )
watched kenny animate for 24 hours stright (well i watched 18 hours of it :D ) and found a lot of polishing tips that i intend to use on my next assignment... In case some1 is wondering "why not on this assignment u foool????" I am trying out a different method on this one so its hard to follow those tips with my current assignment....

speaking of my assignment here's my submission for this week:

its not where i want it to be right now... but i didnt wanna go into polish be4 getting kenny's thoughts on it.... i still need to go in and add proper arcs on the legs in the end... I am thinking of trying out some thing new and different but since thats just a icing on the cake i better make the cake look and taste delicious (and no i cant bake a cake its just a example :) )

well thats it for now...


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