Saturday, June 28, 2008

Walk Cycle

Hey there!

Well walk cycle is somewhat done! Tried walk to stop but screwed it up Royally so starting it again! :( oh well you win some you lose some!!! We now move on to jump assignment! JUMP!!! well i have some ideas I wanna try and implement in this assignment, wanted to do a slight bit of storytelling!!! wanted to show that the guy is trying to run from someone! Gets cornered, and jumps a building to get away! Maybe as a side project I may add the second character! For now i'll concentrate on the main assignment! Hoping to do a good job!

Well nothing else! Only I am starting to go healthier! Now I not only play games on PC I try to play real games :D and boy! Does my body need the exercise!!! its in pathetic condition... most of the people from studio and students of Takshaa get together and play football in a nearby field! It was a good opportunity to observe my next assignment ^_^ i.e if I am doing Football!!! anyway it was fun... and it was even more fun when I was in the middle of the action! And even though I screwed up the whole game! I Did have a lot of fun!!!

ok! ok! No more babbling! I'll stop!

Well before I sign off here's the playblast of the walk cycle! Its final (for now)




will post the blocking of the Jump by next week


Thursday, June 19, 2008

HELLO second SEM

Hey there,

Exactly a month since my last post! Well what do I say? I am getting lazy :( had almost a month of relaxation! And thanks to my crappy comp no animation! (though I really wanted to do some) oh I know I am giving silly reasons and I can find a way to animate no matter what happens but well it was holidays!!! Ok now I am in Second Semester!!! HURRAY!!! its already a week into my second semester. The time table is quite light! Only 3 classes venu sir taking art. Chippy sir taking communication skills (and thank god it's not in my third Sem which is already overburdened) and our main module Animation (AB101) which is taken by Dhanumjay who has already made a awesome impression on me in relation to dedication to teaching! Well looking forward to learn a lot from this sem!

That reminds me the main reason of starting this blog! My works!!! this weeks assignment was walk cycle of hogan! Which is what I have done! Here's a playblast of it!




Well apart from this I tried out a shot on my own during the week 0 when there was no assignment. Unfortunately I never was able to finish it! Just did some blocking and cleaned up only the arms legs and COG! Will work on it whenever I get time

Well Thats it nothing new to tell!