Saturday, June 28, 2008

Walk Cycle

Hey there!

Well walk cycle is somewhat done! Tried walk to stop but screwed it up Royally so starting it again! :( oh well you win some you lose some!!! We now move on to jump assignment! JUMP!!! well i have some ideas I wanna try and implement in this assignment, wanted to do a slight bit of storytelling!!! wanted to show that the guy is trying to run from someone! Gets cornered, and jumps a building to get away! Maybe as a side project I may add the second character! For now i'll concentrate on the main assignment! Hoping to do a good job!

Well nothing else! Only I am starting to go healthier! Now I not only play games on PC I try to play real games :D and boy! Does my body need the exercise!!! its in pathetic condition... most of the people from studio and students of Takshaa get together and play football in a nearby field! It was a good opportunity to observe my next assignment ^_^ i.e if I am doing Football!!! anyway it was fun... and it was even more fun when I was in the middle of the action! And even though I screwed up the whole game! I Did have a lot of fun!!!

ok! ok! No more babbling! I'll stop!

Well before I sign off here's the playblast of the walk cycle! Its final (for now)




will post the blocking of the Jump by next week


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