Friday, December 26, 2008

my day OUT!

hey there,

Today I am not putting up my work!


cause its XMAS. (or atleast it was) and I got bored putting up my work! each and every post has got a video! so no video this time! ^_^

So the day began as my usual holiday day begins. getting bored out of my mind i.e. if I dont have any book or movie to watch. And that WAS the case yesterday. spent all day wondering what to do! I get a call from sumit in the evening asking what to do? well we thought to kill the boredom by going out somewhere! called up light and he also agreed to come with us! he and his IMAGE friend Suprajeet (aka jeet) met us near a park.
We thought we could persuade Chandu to come along with us, but now that there is a comp in his place (jeet's comp) he is in 7th heaven with MAYA! so after we failed we left for marthalli by around 6.00 to E-zone club where there was GO Karting track.

Reached there by 7.00 and had a ball! the car was powerful (atleast more powerful than I expected)

Unfortunatly I got up from the car before someone took a PIC so all I have is a PIC of LIGHTO!

after spending some time over there

We decided to have some food!

so off we went to thandoor point for FOOD! we hogged like there was no tommrow!

Dont worry this is not what I had! it was only starter!

These are the things I HAD

after filling our stomach till it burst we decided to cross the bridge and get to cornor house (an icecream parlor) for some dessert

the Walk did some good, it made eneough space for more hogging!

after crossing the flyover/bridge or whatever it was we got to CORNOR HOUSE!

(not the place we went)
I forgot to take a PIC of the place >_<

Where we had ICECREAM! coldmint, Death by chocolate and RUM ICE-ROY!

which we wolfed down! As soon as it arrived!

then!!! well heres the PIC! a picture can tell more that thousand words

After that we reached busstop for the way back only to be waiting for a loooooong time! and IF and when a bus arrives it was PACKED!

thats it for now!
I am working on my dialogue! but I still havent Finished my Ist pass! will post as soon as that's done!


Monday, December 22, 2008

Dialogue Restart

Hi there....

ERROR ERROR! guess everything I try for the First time gets Screwed Up big time... so after trying to fix the errors acting and so on my file got soooooooo messed up that it was better to start from start.

so heres the New (and Hopefully Improved) dialogue Blocking


Man Am I Gonna miss this Place... Learnt Alot :( had alot of Fun... I was secure in learning... Now I don't know... the Doubt of future looms over my sorrow Head. here are some of the pics of my friends in the Lab who give me company (ppl I irritate)

This is my place! where I sat for past 2 Years...

That's what I did for the past 2 Years

Our day Admin Mr.Jitin

And night Admin Shaljo

Thats Anikith. I always thought I was the only one Who made Bad PJ's till I met Him...

Kanishk Ever questining ever Cautious and always calling for COD 2.

The multitasker. If you look at the screen you'll see that he's not working only on Realflow.

Chandu... the most hardworking dude I have ever seen. and Hunble as hell... always in lab from morgning to night. I litrelly drag him out of his place for break

Takashi... my Only Japanese dude I know... I usually thought people exaggerated when they said Japanese worked hard. I now know thats true for a Fact

Sumit.... What A walk cycle he has... what style... only seeing is beliving. such walks cant be put in words

Feroz our loverboy alwasy on Gtalk thought not anymore :(

And finally Our Star Animator/Actor Mr.Light aka Lighto aka Bunty aka Arkajyoti

this is the whole Bunch! ( couple missing) from L to R: Lakshmi Arkajyoti, Feroz,Harish,Vinodh,Sumit and Takashi. The missing guys are Sabhya and Abhinav whose photo i'll post in a little while.

well thats it for now


Monday, December 15, 2008

Dialogue not Dead... I mean NOOOOOT DEAD!!!!

hey there,

well a dialogue is not a simple thing... acting acting acting... i have been in front of the camera for more time in this week then I had been in All my life... I literally have atleast 500-600MB of video reference of just different acting choice... though I had fun doing them... I did act for takashi's dialogue... and maybe i'll take the same dialogue later. (after I am good enough to do justice to the dialogue...

well without further chatting heres the blocking of my dialogue

will be opening it... apart from this I am working on a sack rig... not much but started anyway... going straight ahead method... (mixing blocking and Ist pass)

will post as soon as it's done...

oh one more thing... we now have a replacement of hogan... he's named Goon...

bloody awsome rig... especially his facials (eyebrows) I just absolutely LOVE that rig... I have used it as my secondary characters in my current dialoge but I think i'll use him as the main guy in the next one...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Horrible Death

hey there...

And so the healthy young "yours truly" dies a horrific death... The assignment has been submitted... but I wish I could turn back time and do this assignment all over again... Its not upto Karan sir's mark... and I agree with him... I think I could have done better... I could have planned better... I could have done a lot of stuff... but I didnt... no use crying over the past... I got to finish this... and start with the dialogue... and do a short I have been planning since loooong time... (start of Sem II) a small aniamtion using Flour Sack RIG... I am gonna try something new... I am gonna use stright ahead method for my Flour Sack animation just to test different styles... also try full cartoony... (whenever I look at that rig I cant help but think cartoony style) I am putting all this down just so that heres an incentive for me to do all of it...

well here's a blast of what I submitted... will be working on it whenever I get time...

Thats if for now...


Monday, November 24, 2008

OH Graph!!! GRAPH!!! GRAPHHHH!!!

hey there,

Been A loooong time... atlast my blocking and timing is done... Well kinda!!! time to clean up the act as well as the graph!!!

heres the playblast as of thursday... basic slow in slow out added... graph is an interlocked noodles which cant be deciphered...

apart from this My Ist dialogue is in Pre production... got a REAL EXPLOSIVE dialogue (figurative as well as actually)... goona try my best to give justice to the dialogue...

apart from that the short film is on a REAL SLOOOOW track... characters are done... scene are setup and blocking is left... only theres inertia to overcome... i hope once it is overcome it will sail like a wind... ok ok too much dramatics... will stop it...

thats it for now...


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New sem NEW WORK!!!

Hey there,

Exactly a month since i posted last. A month of joy and holidays? roamed around, saw places, drew (or atleast tried to draw (^_^) )

well all that came to an end last Thursday!!! my sem started. And boy it started with a BANG!!! loads of work!! clay animation... storyboard... ballman dialogue... pose practice... and more...

Karan sir (our mentor for Third sem) started with a warning!!! no extension on deadline... and am I Really scared...

started on my Ist assignment... ball man dialogue...

the dialogue i chose was from my Favorite movie Back to the future (Part I)... the dialogue i really wanted to do... but wouldnt be able to cause it was too well known... but in ballman I can (>_<)... here's a playblast of the dialogue... its in Ist pass... and not having any props... that all comes in later... have to model a LAB from someone...

Apart form the dialogue... we also had to do poses!!! thats it just poses... it would help me strenthen my posing...

this week's emotion was Action and crying out loud...

here's what I have done...

thats all for now...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

BasketBall Done!!!

hey there,

Atlast the sem has come to PASS (evil laugh)

And the Final chapter in the student life has BEGAN (more evil laugh)...


before the beginning of the end!!!

there is a break!!!

and in the break what am i supposed to do!!! i do not know!!!

hopefully something useful!

submitted my basketball assignment on friday got some correction but i dont feel like touching this file for some time!!! i will be working on a different rig. I cant see any more of hogan!

heres the playblast of my submission:

well nothing much to add!!!


Monday, September 15, 2008

Race Against TIME!!!

hey there,

I am not getting time to update my blog :( how sad... you know i was always wondering why the seniors never found time to update their blog... guess now i know... its fun doing what i am doing... basketball and all... but i am not finding anytime to post up my work... well now that i saw my blog i realised that i havnt posted anything for over a month!!! so here's my WIP on basketball... it is my last week file... i have started on graph cleanup... will update as soon as possible... just 4 more days... hope i can finish it in time...

well apart from it... a vacation is being planned... hopefully it will be a nice change...

thats it for now


Friday, August 29, 2008

Sports is FUN!!!!

hey there

Basket Ball.... Basket Ball... BASKETBALL!!! its... its... its...


well now that we are done with weight lift onwards to the Sports... after much deliberation... pondering... and thinking (oh yes i too can think sometime... I think)... rejecting one sport after another... all because of either i dont know the sport or it requires more den one person or some other reason... football and tennis is out cause i dont know how to play them... Table tennis has too restricted motion even though its my fav :(... no running... i thought of beach volleyball ... the thought of watching (CLOSELY) chicks in bikini was too much to pass on... BUT its difficult to show it in one CHAR... squash... cricket... etc all same reason... so its basketball...

started with blocking... here are the extreme poses...

the ending i plan to change... i have a concept in mind... will apply it if and only if sujit babu apporves it...
hope he says ok...

well thats it for now...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Animation Challange 12

hey there!!!

heres a playblast of a blocking stage for CG tantra's

well apart form this i have also more or less finished my weight lift (or abandoned it till further notice :D) as yesterday was my final submission!!!
it needs more breakdowns to the body, but!!! :( no time... will work on it whenever i get time!!!

well thats it for now

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Weighting lifting finishing ^_^

Hey there,

sorry been a while since i last posted!!! was busy as hell!

Atlast my animation is coming out! my creative juices (*sniker*) is FLOWING... had fun working on weight lift! and got some good comments form both Sujit Babu and Manu sir! its almost complete! just a few more corrections left! my first animation to actually neaar completion and which is pretty smooth (atleast in this sem!!!)
well here's a playblast

well now that this is almost over time to think of the next assignment :D SPORTS!!!

thinking of doing tennis! well thats actually wrong, i was thinking of doing vollyball, but somehow vollyball playing alone is not working!!!

oh and theres a nice competition in CGTantra which i am plannig to enter!!! lets see!!!

well thats it for now

Monday, July 28, 2008

Weight Lift!!!

oh boy, the class after dhanu sir left, guess who came!!! none other then Manu sir!!! man I was sweating bullets, luckly he didnt see my jump but my weight lift! which for blocking was ok!!! He was pretty satisfied with the blocking and ofcourse there were the usual critiques!

well here it is after 2 weeks of working here's an opened version of the blocked file!!! I AM BORED of looking at the weight lift in step mode, so opened it all in spline and posting!!!

since Dhanmjay left, we have a new faculty, Sujhit Babu,

thats it for now


Friday, July 18, 2008

Boooo huuuu huuuu!!!

Hey there,

Its a real shame! my current mentor! Dhanunjay, he's got a job in UK and he's leaving there... congtx to him, but that kinda leaves us in a soup. I really had fun learning from him, and I did learn a lot from him... I hope he has a gud time working over there!!!

well about what I was doing for the past few weeks!!! JUMP JUMP JUMP!!! still its not over! well it is for now!!! but it has a lot left to work on! here's a playblast:

well apart form that I have also started the next assignment! Weight lift... after getting bored with looking at all the box lifting I decided to do something different (or atleast try to do something different) took couple of days for blocking, used video ref of self but didnt follow it fully, used it to get a rough idea of weight shift, still confused with a couple of poses! will get it cleared today...

when i converted it to spine it was coming out the way I intended (almost) need a lot of work smoothing... will have two projects to work on from now on ( jump and weigh lift) a third if i get time...

well thats it for now


Thursday, July 3, 2008


Hey there!

Well Jump!!! Jump!!! Jump!!! man my legs have got sore jumping around!!! Its the next assignment and it has got me jumping like never before! Now every where I start jumping around!!! Its a fun assignment but also a big challenge! I still have to get used to the overlaps and fluid movements and I suppose this assignment is for that purpose only!

Here's a blocking of my jump file!

Will start opening up the graph today!

Hope i'll do a heck of a lot better then my last assignment!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Walk Cycle

Hey there!

Well walk cycle is somewhat done! Tried walk to stop but screwed it up Royally so starting it again! :( oh well you win some you lose some!!! We now move on to jump assignment! JUMP!!! well i have some ideas I wanna try and implement in this assignment, wanted to do a slight bit of storytelling!!! wanted to show that the guy is trying to run from someone! Gets cornered, and jumps a building to get away! Maybe as a side project I may add the second character! For now i'll concentrate on the main assignment! Hoping to do a good job!

Well nothing else! Only I am starting to go healthier! Now I not only play games on PC I try to play real games :D and boy! Does my body need the exercise!!! its in pathetic condition... most of the people from studio and students of Takshaa get together and play football in a nearby field! It was a good opportunity to observe my next assignment ^_^ i.e if I am doing Football!!! anyway it was fun... and it was even more fun when I was in the middle of the action! And even though I screwed up the whole game! I Did have a lot of fun!!!

ok! ok! No more babbling! I'll stop!

Well before I sign off here's the playblast of the walk cycle! Its final (for now)




will post the blocking of the Jump by next week


Thursday, June 19, 2008

HELLO second SEM

Hey there,

Exactly a month since my last post! Well what do I say? I am getting lazy :( had almost a month of relaxation! And thanks to my crappy comp no animation! (though I really wanted to do some) oh I know I am giving silly reasons and I can find a way to animate no matter what happens but well it was holidays!!! Ok now I am in Second Semester!!! HURRAY!!! its already a week into my second semester. The time table is quite light! Only 3 classes venu sir taking art. Chippy sir taking communication skills (and thank god it's not in my third Sem which is already overburdened) and our main module Animation (AB101) which is taken by Dhanumjay who has already made a awesome impression on me in relation to dedication to teaching! Well looking forward to learn a lot from this sem!

That reminds me the main reason of starting this blog! My works!!! this weeks assignment was walk cycle of hogan! Which is what I have done! Here's a playblast of it!




Well apart from this I tried out a shot on my own during the week 0 when there was no assignment. Unfortunately I never was able to finish it! Just did some blocking and cleaned up only the arms legs and COG! Will work on it whenever I get time

Well Thats it nothing new to tell!


Monday, May 19, 2008

ohhhhhhhh! my acking back!

Hey there!

And so My Ist semester ends! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! 4 semesters down BABY! Just 2 more to go… oh boy did I learn! And how do I celebrate the end of the semester! Why by running in a 5Km marathon Of course! The aftermath of that I can still feel in my poor *ouch* old bones. I still can’t believe that I actually took part in a marathon. Well it was nice I suppose i.e. if you forget the fact that it was about 10 AM with the good old sun shining BRIGHT on us. I did find something out. I CANT RUN for more than 200 meters (Booo! Hooooooooooo!)

Ok ok back on track, Animation! Animation the reason I actually created this blog. Well the final submission went well last Thursday, considering the fact that my animation still needed polishing. Jayash (our faculty) told me to tone down the exaggerated unbalancing act (he! he!) and a few timing issues… oh and ya I myself admit to all the notorious knee pops in the scene (some of them like the time when he puts the foot down hard I wanted on purpose). He seemed pretty satisfied with my work. Or that’s the impression I got! Well as for how much I may get! Well that I’ll find out on 2nd June.

For now its rest, TV, games, tutorials and Taking care of my poor battered body.

Oh before I forget heres the much awaited playblast ^_^

P.S. made a change in blog's looks, as there was a lot of unused space in the old template!

Well that’s it for now


Monday, May 12, 2008

Ist Pass

Hey there!

Today my DC final submission just gt over! So thats one more less burden I can now concentrate more on my animation. Which I have to submit by 15th may. Hmmmmm wt day is it today OH DAMN *THUD* *CRASH*







Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! My head! Oh my GOD! Oh my GOD! Only 3 days left!!! I have a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT of stuff left to do! OK OK CALM DOWN CALM DOWN!!! breath breath.....

well heres a playblast of my final project

Well thats it for now


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sumo HO!

Hey there,

Sorry didnt post anything for a while! Well its been a busy couple of weeks. First of all finished submitting the pre-final!

Here they are:





well now that, "That's" over we can go over to the next weeks stuff... the next week was spent looking for a concept, and the concept I came up with was BOMBED royally! But not to worry the class was able to come up with a new and better concept. Started blocking imminently and finished it today. So heres a playblast of it. Gonna go ahead and open it up. It need a bit more props. A change in camera angle (and a slight panning animation) will add as soon as i finish with animation...

Oh and we also had a play on monday, which was written and directed by me. I also played a role in the play. Will put it up as soon as i figure how to get it lower then 100MB and be able to load it in Youtube... the play is untitled but was unfortunatly called “vedanth's Nightmare” which started as a joke...

well thats it for now!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Hey there!

“Unplug yourself!” Well that’s gonna be the new mantra!

What the hell am I talking about? Heh! Well before I used to have wires sticking out of my ears like rest of the CG artist gang… Now I decided to take up the advice given by Richard Williams in his AWSOME book “Animators survival Kit”…

And you know what? The ruddy advice works! My animation quality did actually improve… less mistakes… only problem is the bloody advise itself… I have to work in silence :( oh well! That’s the breaks ^_^

Ok onto better stuff… this week Jayash has given us the Pre-final submission *brrrrrr* weight shift with ball man… here’s what I showed him on Friday:

Oh i have already went into first pass and stuff but will first the finished product with my other pre-final submission… Oh that reminds me! Jayash gave very little corrections to the walk cycle and pendulum so HURRAY! for Richard Williams...

Well thats it for now

Monday, April 21, 2008

ON to Ball man!

Hey there!

Ball Man! Guess another upgrade! Oh and before i forget! The delay in post is not due to lack of any work but due to lack of Internet facility in my lab.

A lot of stuff has happned in the past couple of weeks, i.e. After submission. The week after midsem submission we were graced with Manu sir's visit. He checked on all our works and comment on it. Received some good views. From now on KISS (keep it simple stupid)...

Well apart from that, we have started with ballman walk cycle. And pendulum, here's a playblast of the WIP,


WalkWIP (front)

Walk WIP(side)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mid Sem Submissions

Hey there,
At last my animation mid-sem animation submission is done... here's a play blast of my submission:

Ball with Tail(followthrough action:

I know i posted it before but i might put it again even though i didnt get it right...

Box Jump (anticipation):

(side view)

(perspective view)

and finally the main submission,

Box and ball interaction:

I know i still have to get the tail right! So will be working on it...

Well from this Thursday i think we'll be starting with walk cycle!

The path of an animator is a long and hard one. And i just had my first firm step on that path... a loooooooooong way to go...

well thats it for now


Friday, April 4, 2008


Hey there...

Well at last it seems to be into the second (or third) gear... animation with character, instead of pure physics... well apart from each people having different view of how a character should be (the demerits of individuality :D ) it's pretty fun...

Oh and it's really hard to impress Jayash! But will be trying like hell to do it... everytime he rips my work to pieces... though i feel he's pretty ok with the progress I am making... well I have started onto the path I am loving...

Well enough bullshit... Here's what I am currently working on... It's a Playblast of Box and ball interaction... I have finished with the blocking and Ist pass stage... need to give a second pass, fix the tail and work on the graph (my nightmare)...

Will have to finish it by Monday and submit by Tuesday...
Well thats it for now


Friday, March 28, 2008

final Box jump

Hey there...

ok I should have posted this on monday itself but there wasnt any net over here :(

so here's the box jump i submitted... Its final (for now)... will work on it more whenever i get time

Well currently working on box and ball interaction... I have started it but still havent finished with blocking yet... there were some major changes Jayash asked me to do in the end of the short so working on it... will post as soon as it's done...
Well thats it for now


Friday, March 21, 2008

more ball with tail and box jump

Hey there!

Man Jayash my faculty kicked my rear end looking at my ball with tail assignment. Gave one heck of a lotta corrections.
Well took a loong time but most of it's done...
Here's a playblast.Oh and ignore the frame counter used it 2 find mistakes n forgot 2 remove it...

And here's the current assignment which i am supposed to show on monday...
Box Jump... this assignment is for anticipation...

well thats it for now

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

final Bouncing ball and ball with tail

Hey there,
Been A bloody loooooong time since I Posted anything, so here's my final Bouncing Ball. That includes Rubber ball, Bowling ball and Beach Ball.

Rubber ball:

Beach ball:

Beach ball:

well it's not exactly finished, Screwed up the rubber ball on the first bounce :D but no problem learnt from my mistakes.
Oh and ya after the bouncing ball came Ball with tail animation, which also is pretty much done! Well I've tried my best to get the tail to be inanimate object. Its a WIP still...

ball with tail WIP:

Well currently I am working on Box jump (for Anticipation) will be putting that up soon!


Friday, March 7, 2008

More Bouncing Ball

Hey there,

Phew bouncing ball's, thats all I am seeing! Hey I am not complaining! Its the truth. For past couple of weeks all I am seeing is Bouncing Ball. I learnt a lot from it. And looking forward to something more. I am almost done with it.
Here's the progress!

Rubber Ball

Bowling Ball

and last but not the least Beach Ball

Well thats it for now!
There really is not much happening, hoping to start the next assignment on Monday.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bouncing BALL! *Phew*

Hey there,

Well animation classes started atlast! And got to learn a lot of thing already... the class of Thursday got postponed to Saturday. And on Saturday Jayash took our class. With Manu sir coming afterwards to give a breakdown of the course. Well looking forward to the grueling sessions ^_^
As our first assignment we were asked to do bouncing ball... seems easy doesn't it?


getting the ball to bounce is a child's play. But getting it to bounce JUST RIGHT, theres a challenge. Well after some tries I have got what can be classified as a Bouncing ball!

Here's a playblast.

But that wasn't what Jayash wanted. He wanted a pingpong ball. Well here's a playblast of it...

He's coming again tomorrow to check on our progress and have the other half of the assisted session. And then on Thursday our second class.
Well after breaking my head on these Balls (no puns) I didnt have much time to do anything else.

Well thats it for now!


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Almost on Render!

Hey there,

Been a long while since I last posted... Well had nothing to post anyway...

The First animation class was kinda a Bummer! Class started about half hour late and then we spent half an hour looking for the right classroom. (BooooHooooHooo no seminar room). Then our prof's Karan and Jayash came. Asked about us and told a bit about themselves. Got around getting to know everyone and stuff in Animation. What we can expect and whet we are expected to do!

But unfortunatly they didnt get around for actual teaching. And on Monday which was assisted session nothing happened (well I was the fool to hope that they would start the call on assisted session).

Well tomorrow will be the First call (I hope like Hell).

And ya about the Knaklesaur animation I was working On I did add a bit of secondary action. A bit of camera movement (to show as if the camera was on a Helicopter). And built an Environment.

Here's a playblast of the animation...

I will be working on the animation more but i felt it was about time i did something about the Background. Theres a lot of mistakes in it. And i'll have a hell of a time correcting it. But for now i'll have to concentrate more on the class assignment and put this aside.

But before i do that. I wanted to have a quick render of the animation so as I am writing this post I have put my file for Rendering. Will do some post production in After Effects...

Well thats it for now...


Monday, February 11, 2008

New Sem's Ahoy

Hey there,

Atlast my animation semester has started. It started on Wednesday with art, but it seriously started today with Biju mam's DC (design concept). Well how I spent my vacation is still a mystery. I donno where the week went? What happened to the mech! It seems only yesterday I started modeling it. Oh wait it was yesterday.

Well apart from trying to model, A semester 3 VFX artist Trivikram asked me to animate a character for final project (JACKPOT) so we went on line yesterday and were scrounging for a free rig which suited our purpose. Well we did come across a nice rig though wasn't exactly biped but it did suit the look.

I took some time getting acquainted with the character called “Knaklesaur”. The rig was done by Keil Figging.

well heres a playblast of a test done by me. Just to get a kinda story across I tried to show the char jump into the scene (from somewhere far off) and then head butt a incoming truck towards cam.

Its just a test i was doing but hear it is:

Since my class has started I would like to name my classmates!
Theres me (Obviously)
then we have
Vinodh, Shabya, Abhinav, Sumit, Feroz, Vivek, Harish, ArkaJyoti

and the only two ladies in our batch:

Lakshmi and Namratha

There maybe more. And as they join i'll give a edit to this blog.
thats it for now!


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Sem Final project!

Hey there,

Ok at last I am done with foundation studies! “YEAHHHHAAAAAAA” I am into animation. Had my counseling today and Manu sir also agreed that I am capable of doing Animation “phew”. Well it had been more then an year since he had seen my work.

Well what a progress. I myself feel the difference. Well now I am at last into animation. Will get to know how many people are joining my batch but one thing's for sure. The DC class taken by Biju mam's gonna be jam packed. Over 30 students (minimum). Well i think there'll be around 10-12 people in animation. Ok thats something I wont waste my vacation pondering over. I am gonna enjoy it. I suppose this is gonna be the last one for a really long time.

Well here's the project “The Qat” made by Ammar me and Buhas. Well i did the character rigging and animation in this short. Well it took some time to convert it to under 100MB. But its done!

Well thats it for now!
oh one more thing. During vacation I had nothing to do so had started modelling a Mech. Well it is coming out ok! hope I get to finish it...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

final Week!!! (OMG)

Hey there,

Sorry about not posting but the last couple of weeks were horrible. I barely had time to breath. Ok what am i complaining about? Even though the past week was hectic I had nice time as well. Troubleshooting my character was a headache. I still couldn't implement all the controls i wanted (damn the double transformation). Also my project is into animation (a week late).

The current status of our project is decent. We are looking to finish our project at the nick of time. Well with only 6 days left, things are running like their rear end's have been lit on fire. Our 3 of 5 scene has been animated (though we are not satisfied fully with it) the last couple is the scenes are with the character which I finished rigging this morning. Well at the time of this post my blocking pass of the final couple of scene is done.

Well will be posting the final movie in a weeks time then HELLO SPECILIZATION!

It will be a year since I came to Takshaa. It was on 5th feb 2007 I came to the hostel. I cant believe its been a year already. It seems like yesterday when I walked into the room 401 and saw my roommates. Then had the orientation on the next day.

Well enough reminisce. Lets get on to future.

Thats it for now


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

rig atlast

Hey there!

Ok at last onto something that i like doing, “RIGGING” our character's done and Aamar's is almost done with texturing (and seems to be enjoying what he's doing) so I am free to do rigging, well the character's a bit of a challenge. A fun challenge. This is gonna be the last time i'll get to rig anything for some time! Well i am happy and sad, happy cause i'll be onto animation in couple of weeks and sad cause that leaves me no time to practice rigging (my other love).

Well here's a smoothed screen shot of the model.

And heres a screen grab of the same model in x-ray mode with joints.

Well i am still working on skinning. After trying for about a day i think i am starting to get the hang of it. Well as the old saying goes people learn form there mistakes, i am also learning by making major mistakes.

Case in point: I must have paint weighted the whole character at least 5-6 times. Well i am not exactly complaining, but it is a bit frustrating.

A few more days of painting weights then a bit of controls and into animation stage of our project! HURRAY!!

Well thats it for now!


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy NEW Year!

Hey There,

well First “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!”, it was fun celebrating the new year's eve! (if not fun it WAS different) well me and Chandu did what i thought wasn't possible. We watched an extended edition of LOTR (lord of the Rings) 9 freaking hrs!!! *phew* now thats something which i thought not possible.

Well apart form enjoying and doing nothing I did Well what else NOTHING! I did get time to catch up on some of the tutorials i was meaning to see for a long time. As for the project well the progress was slower then last week!

Well modeling is almost done, unwrapping even though its a pain is the Backside is going along smoothly.

Well as our class starts from tomorrow. I suppose will get back to our speed soon! Well spent 10 months in Takshaa! *phew* and a year left! A lot learnt. Lot to learn...

Thats it for now