Wednesday, January 23, 2008

final Week!!! (OMG)

Hey there,

Sorry about not posting but the last couple of weeks were horrible. I barely had time to breath. Ok what am i complaining about? Even though the past week was hectic I had nice time as well. Troubleshooting my character was a headache. I still couldn't implement all the controls i wanted (damn the double transformation). Also my project is into animation (a week late).

The current status of our project is decent. We are looking to finish our project at the nick of time. Well with only 6 days left, things are running like their rear end's have been lit on fire. Our 3 of 5 scene has been animated (though we are not satisfied fully with it) the last couple is the scenes are with the character which I finished rigging this morning. Well at the time of this post my blocking pass of the final couple of scene is done.

Well will be posting the final movie in a weeks time then HELLO SPECILIZATION!

It will be a year since I came to Takshaa. It was on 5th feb 2007 I came to the hostel. I cant believe its been a year already. It seems like yesterday when I walked into the room 401 and saw my roommates. Then had the orientation on the next day.

Well enough reminisce. Lets get on to future.

Thats it for now


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