Wednesday, January 9, 2008

rig atlast

Hey there!

Ok at last onto something that i like doing, “RIGGING” our character's done and Aamar's is almost done with texturing (and seems to be enjoying what he's doing) so I am free to do rigging, well the character's a bit of a challenge. A fun challenge. This is gonna be the last time i'll get to rig anything for some time! Well i am happy and sad, happy cause i'll be onto animation in couple of weeks and sad cause that leaves me no time to practice rigging (my other love).

Well here's a smoothed screen shot of the model.

And heres a screen grab of the same model in x-ray mode with joints.

Well i am still working on skinning. After trying for about a day i think i am starting to get the hang of it. Well as the old saying goes people learn form there mistakes, i am also learning by making major mistakes.

Case in point: I must have paint weighted the whole character at least 5-6 times. Well i am not exactly complaining, but it is a bit frustrating.

A few more days of painting weights then a bit of controls and into animation stage of our project! HURRAY!!

Well thats it for now!


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