Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy NEW Year!

Hey There,

well First “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!”, it was fun celebrating the new year's eve! (if not fun it WAS different) well me and Chandu did what i thought wasn't possible. We watched an extended edition of LOTR (lord of the Rings) 9 freaking hrs!!! *phew* now thats something which i thought not possible.

Well apart form enjoying and doing nothing I did Well what else NOTHING! I did get time to catch up on some of the tutorials i was meaning to see for a long time. As for the project well the progress was slower then last week!

Well modeling is almost done, unwrapping even though its a pain is the Backside is going along smoothly.

Well as our class starts from tomorrow. I suppose will get back to our speed soon! Well spent 10 months in Takshaa! *phew* and a year left! A lot learnt. Lot to learn...

Thats it for now


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