Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Weighting lifting finishing ^_^

Hey there,

sorry been a while since i last posted!!! was busy as hell!

Atlast my animation is coming out! my creative juices (*sniker*) is FLOWING... had fun working on weight lift! and got some good comments form both Sujit Babu and Manu sir! its almost complete! just a few more corrections left! my first animation to actually neaar completion and which is pretty smooth (atleast in this sem!!!)
well here's a playblast

well now that this is almost over time to think of the next assignment :D SPORTS!!!

thinking of doing tennis! well thats actually wrong, i was thinking of doing vollyball, but somehow vollyball playing alone is not working!!!

oh and theres a nice competition in CGTantra which i am plannig to enter!!! lets see!!!

well thats it for now

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