Monday, May 19, 2008

ohhhhhhhh! my acking back!

Hey there!

And so My Ist semester ends! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! 4 semesters down BABY! Just 2 more to go… oh boy did I learn! And how do I celebrate the end of the semester! Why by running in a 5Km marathon Of course! The aftermath of that I can still feel in my poor *ouch* old bones. I still can’t believe that I actually took part in a marathon. Well it was nice I suppose i.e. if you forget the fact that it was about 10 AM with the good old sun shining BRIGHT on us. I did find something out. I CANT RUN for more than 200 meters (Booo! Hooooooooooo!)

Ok ok back on track, Animation! Animation the reason I actually created this blog. Well the final submission went well last Thursday, considering the fact that my animation still needed polishing. Jayash (our faculty) told me to tone down the exaggerated unbalancing act (he! he!) and a few timing issues… oh and ya I myself admit to all the notorious knee pops in the scene (some of them like the time when he puts the foot down hard I wanted on purpose). He seemed pretty satisfied with my work. Or that’s the impression I got! Well as for how much I may get! Well that I’ll find out on 2nd June.

For now its rest, TV, games, tutorials and Taking care of my poor battered body.

Oh before I forget heres the much awaited playblast ^_^

P.S. made a change in blog's looks, as there was a lot of unused space in the old template!

Well that’s it for now


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