Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sumo HO!

Hey there,

Sorry didnt post anything for a while! Well its been a busy couple of weeks. First of all finished submitting the pre-final!

Here they are:





well now that, "That's" over we can go over to the next weeks stuff... the next week was spent looking for a concept, and the concept I came up with was BOMBED royally! But not to worry the class was able to come up with a new and better concept. Started blocking imminently and finished it today. So heres a playblast of it. Gonna go ahead and open it up. It need a bit more props. A change in camera angle (and a slight panning animation) will add as soon as i finish with animation...

Oh and we also had a play on monday, which was written and directed by me. I also played a role in the play. Will put it up as soon as i figure how to get it lower then 100MB and be able to load it in Youtube... the play is untitled but was unfortunatly called “vedanth's Nightmare” which started as a joke...

well thats it for now!

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