Friday, December 26, 2008

my day OUT!

hey there,

Today I am not putting up my work!


cause its XMAS. (or atleast it was) and I got bored putting up my work! each and every post has got a video! so no video this time! ^_^

So the day began as my usual holiday day begins. getting bored out of my mind i.e. if I dont have any book or movie to watch. And that WAS the case yesterday. spent all day wondering what to do! I get a call from sumit in the evening asking what to do? well we thought to kill the boredom by going out somewhere! called up light and he also agreed to come with us! he and his IMAGE friend Suprajeet (aka jeet) met us near a park.
We thought we could persuade Chandu to come along with us, but now that there is a comp in his place (jeet's comp) he is in 7th heaven with MAYA! so after we failed we left for marthalli by around 6.00 to E-zone club where there was GO Karting track.

Reached there by 7.00 and had a ball! the car was powerful (atleast more powerful than I expected)

Unfortunatly I got up from the car before someone took a PIC so all I have is a PIC of LIGHTO!

after spending some time over there

We decided to have some food!

so off we went to thandoor point for FOOD! we hogged like there was no tommrow!

Dont worry this is not what I had! it was only starter!

These are the things I HAD

after filling our stomach till it burst we decided to cross the bridge and get to cornor house (an icecream parlor) for some dessert

the Walk did some good, it made eneough space for more hogging!

after crossing the flyover/bridge or whatever it was we got to CORNOR HOUSE!

(not the place we went)
I forgot to take a PIC of the place >_<

Where we had ICECREAM! coldmint, Death by chocolate and RUM ICE-ROY!

which we wolfed down! As soon as it arrived!

then!!! well heres the PIC! a picture can tell more that thousand words

After that we reached busstop for the way back only to be waiting for a loooooong time! and IF and when a bus arrives it was PACKED!

thats it for now!
I am working on my dialogue! but I still havent Finished my Ist pass! will post as soon as that's done!


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