Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bharathnatyam Polishing (class 02 Week 11)

hey there, Phew finally Im done with the animation :D dance animation was HARD!!! (well as hard as i expected but i didnt expect i'vd bitch about it this much though :D ) gimbal locks -.-' stupid stewie with its HUGE head -.-' mitten hands... i mean OMG how the Hell am i gonna get nice poses with a mitten hands!!!! but in the end it was worth it... the animation turned out urn not bad i guess :) still a lot of tweaks still alot of adjustments i could have tried but its done for now...
 apart from this i created a small animation as a thank u for my mentor :) well my mentor is from Albuquerque, bugs bunny is one of my favorite cartoons and my mentor tends to forget everything else when he's concentrating on animation :D we were looking at david's maya screen for 10 mins without a word from him as he was getting his 2d arcs... and i thought idea popped in2 my mind :D
 well im all set to go to mumbai on 22nd!!! i've decided i'll book my ticket for going but i have no plans on booking for return journey hopefully it should be done by end of the week :) well thats it for now :) chao

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