Monday, November 7, 2011

Stickygum Ist pass (class 2 week 06)

hey there,
Ist pass with a huge stewie head... OMG! that was a pain in the butt... the head moving all over the place half the time all i did was damage control... just trying to keep the head moving in a nice arc and stuff... i got some neat ideas on how to do that... hopefully i'll make a video of it and put it up soon :) (promised my peer buddy i would :D )

anyway heres the submission for my current week's assignment

oh i forgot the bloody DST struck again... there are very few things i hate ALOT... and i guess DST is right on the top... (i guess maybe just above my hate for graph editor... but then i have a love hate relationship with my GE so i guess it is above in the list :D )

anyway thanks to the DST (abolish DST now) my classes have been pushed 1 hour later :(

p.s looking for support in the movement to end DST in the modern world... it might have made sense when the communication was limited my geographical distance but in the age when i can sit in the room and video chat with people around the globe *cough* google + hangout *cough* it just doesnt make sense...

well thats it for now... next week is final pass on stickey gum and planning for the new shot...


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