Sunday, August 28, 2011

Vanilla Walk Spline (class 1 Week 9)

hey there,

and finally after struggling for hours on end i managed to make ballie walk on his own two feet... I feel so proud the ball has grown up sooo fast... just few weeks back the ball was just a little thing bouncing around being just a little ball... how soon it grew up got legs and is now walking on its own two feet...

so proud...


well its gonna start showing attitude frm next week but i guess thats expected...

for now heres the splined version of the walk

apart frm this there was a unique challenge of showing consern through a single pose... here are my sketches...

and the stu pose

i tried alot not to use props n second character but in the end i failed :( i really wanted to show touch... in this assignment I realised how much a single touch can mean... I can still remember my mum sitting on the bed side and just watching me try 2 go 2 sleep as I suffered frm high feaver or other discomforts i faced as a child... and i remember how much a touch brought comfort to me :)

well i'll end before i get nostalgic and make myself stop frm visiting this site again (cause im betting no1 else is gonna be reading this garbage :D but my future self in the future :) )

that's it for now


Afonso (Fonzo) Romano said...

"please imagine this is bed"

You just found the secret of modelling for animators!!!

Unsound said...

no its a secret for lazy animators :o