Monday, August 15, 2011

Tail with Tail'or' (class 1 week 7)

hey there,

I am gonna do a reeeel sneaky thing... I am going to predate this post by a week... :D
I was lazy last week cause i went out... I went to Catch the Captain America, the First Avenger movie on sunday with my friend who decided to drop in for the week end all the way from Hyderabad...
the pics are in my Facebook Photos
it was beautiful and breathtaking and the drive was Thrilling (i clocked 300 km in 2 days which to me is a record :D )

well thats the reason I missed posting last week ( im lazy and totally forgot is not to be known ) but since virtual world is sooooo flexiable I just make people think I posted it on the right date :P (those who decide to chk on my blog i.e... not that I think many will or does )

well anyway week 7 was dam exciting... did a lot of experimenting and came up with this planning :D

the tail was a challenge... trying to add emotion in a tail... wow that was to me challenging...
but here is the output

(p.s. i uploaded the revised version by mistake and am too lazy to go bak and reupload so i guess i'll let it stay :D )

ok guess thats it for now... have to go and make this weeks post too :P


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