Sunday, September 18, 2011

PitStop 1 (class 1 week 12)

Hey there,

Wow I still cant believe how time can fly... I mean its already week 12 and I am saying goodbye to my mentor... I received my a full performance evaluation this week and I am glad AW feels I am improving in drawing... guess all the time I spent staring at people (just am glad looks cant kill or i'vd been dead thousand times over )

well is a sweet sorrow movement.. I really gonna miss AW's awesome QnA which pretty much was always inspirational and just filled with information...

well In the break week I hope to go back to some old stuff i put in WIP and try to get some modelling work done on the top super secret project... (something related to anime series gundam) I hope to get some more modelling work done by the end of the week :D

well heres my Progress reel a small compilation of all the work i've done till now :)

ok thats it for now

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