Monday, September 12, 2011

Personality walk (class 1 week 11)

hey there,

Finally finished cleaning up the graph for this weeks assignment and boy was the knee a challange this time :D

but i think it was all worh it in the end to see the character come to life march across the screen trip and fall :D

ok no more rambeling (as if thats even possible) and here is my submissions for this week

and for week 11 we had a unique challange of a pose :D "balance"
and not just any balance but balancing with atlest on one leg... i found a small loophole in the assignement and abused it in my drawings... they didnt mention that we HAD to draw the poses wit one foot balance on one foot :D

So i pretty much went crazy exploring some crazy wicked stuff to absolute subtle ones

heres my drawings :)
my sketches for Balance

decided to do the YOGA
 so heres stu keeping his body slim n trim with yoga (next i wish he would trim his head size down a bit)

apart form my default assignments i wanted to do something to my mentor... he was very patient with me answering all my mails, all my stupid queries with not a hint of irritation... He even stayed up quite late just to finish my critique... I totally appriciate all the effort he put in teaching :) so wanted to do something for it :)

just a small thank u for a g8t mentor :)

well thats it for now

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