Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Class 1 Mentor Anthony Wong

hey there,
Imagine Jackie chan come talking about animation.... thats my new mentor... and HE'S AWESOMEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

he had got us hooked on from the second he logged into the QnA... and we didnt want it to end...

p.s if ur by any chance reading this Anthony the shameless advertising for cars 2 worked... I am going to watch it :D

it's gonna be a blast learning form such a dedicated sensai...

will be putting up my assignments as i complete dem weekly

thats it for now


Gisel said...

Hi, I am looking forward to seeing your work, Anthony is awesome!

Gisel said...

Hello there Ninja Beaver, Anthony Wong is amazing, have an awesome semester!

nOx said...

Nice blog mate. Your mentor looks fantastic too !

Catch ya later bro.