Sunday, October 9, 2011

Forward backflip Blocking (Class 2 week 02 )

hey there, had a really interesting week, I got to blocking part of my animation and as usual it was the most fun part of any assignment... next week's gonna be my nightmare... splining *brrr* im getting shivers just thinking about it!!!

oh well here is the blocking


 apart from that I was in the google hangout with alot of my am friends and during the hangout i kinda got this animation in my head and thought i'vd try it out... this is a 2d animation done really really really quick so the lines are pretty much all over the place (as usual) but somehow i kinda like it cause it has a different kind of charm...

the animation was done in a stright ahead layered fashion... actually started with body... finished animation on the whole thing then added legs (which was the toughtest cause i had to make them stay in one place and thats HARRRRRDDD :( and finally added the arms...

well thats it for now

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