Monday, October 3, 2011

Forward back flip Planning (Class 2 week 01)

hey there,

so my psychology of Body mechanics class has started... (i think its a fancy term to say introduction to body mechanics :D )

and again I got a great mentor David Tart who loves to concentrate on planning,

the class two assignments has a lot of choices (which sort of confused me as I keep thinking hey i can do this... not watit I can do THAT!!!! no no I think this is better!!! and soo on and so forth... I realize I like one idea more concepts rather then many ideas and many concepts :D ) decided to do something not too hard nor too easy (wanted to understand how my mentor thinks before attempting a much more difficult concept/assignment :D ) and ended up making narrowing down between two ideas... logroll or backflip...

Chose to do backflip (even though i favored logroll) just because to make a convincing log roll, it would take alot of frames and frankly I want to concentrate more on the area that i am really scared... going from stepped to linear!!!

here is the compilation of the video of few reference materials i gathered up in the youtube, and shooting my own reference (unfortunatly i can neverdo a backflip my fat ass and tummy love the ground too much that it takes alot of effort to make them go round in air...)

also i wanted to test if the concept will work I did a quick 2d test (which i included in the end of the reference)

using the reference and 2d test as base i created a very quick planning sketches :)

rough timing and planning

notes to make sure I dont stray from what I had originally intended

well thats it for now will be adding going into blocking the ballie

chao :)

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