Monday, October 17, 2011

Forward Back flip Ist pass (Class 2 Week 03)

Hey there,

this week was quite uneventful (probably cause i didnt know what to do) usually i didnt have the luxury of having self doubt period (which is between blocking and Ist pass) for almost a week... Last term i pretty much had like a day or to to go past blocking literally skip through Ist pass in a blur and onward to arc tracking (or polishing :D )

though i did get to try out some thing new while doing my Ist pass, i used a tween machine and added all my Breakdowns and IB's in step mode (thus postponing the inevitable fear) till i had keys every other frame (well in a run i guess thats sorta expected :D ) only in the tail end did i have keys at more then 2 frame interval :D

oh well we learn something new... and thats gud :D

ok heres the playblast i submitted

also a pretty weird thing happend while encoding for some reason F003 gets played twice and i have no clue why it happens... it looks ok in the playblast... but as soon as i encode it boom that problem occurs... might have to look into it soon or i have to find a new way to encode my videos :(

well thats it for now :)

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